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Kerala has had many martyrs, who lost their lives while supporting a particular political party, but have we heard of family members of a political leader getting killed due to such violence? This question has gained importance after a series of violent incidents have been reported from Kannur, where common people are fighting each other over political disputes.

Now, Malayalam actor Salim Kumar has written an emotional post on his Facebook page, in which he says how much he loved the people in Kannur. The National Film Award winning actor, who worked as a representative of a company in 1993, had many times travelled to Kannur as part of the job. The love and care showered on him by the people there made him fall in love with the place more than his own hometown. 

"I haven't seen innocent people like the ones in Kannur. While I was working there, even though I was a total stranger to them, they used to ask if I needed lunch. I am sure you will not find people in any other place like in Kannur, who do not demand dowry. I love Kannur more than my own hometown as the people there are very loving and innocent [translated from Malayalam]," Salim writes on social media.

However, the actor says that their innocence has completely been lost by blindly believing in political parties that urge them to take up weapons against people who belong to a different party. "They are losing all the innocene and are not ashamed of killing others due to their blind belief on a political party. Kannur has now become a place where the killer doesn't know why he is killing nor the victim is aware of why he is being killed," the actor writes on Facebook.

"The truth is that the ones killing and getting killed are common people. So, this is my request to all those people: Don't even think that people will praise you for becoming a martyr, instead you are just becoming a cause for them to enjoy another holiday," reads the social media post of Salim Kumar.

Apart from this, the actor also gives a few suggestions to the people in Kannur asking them to kill people on weekdays as the government has already declared Saturdays and Sundays as holidays. "We are eagerly waiting for the next hartal in Kerala," the actor ends his Facebook post on a sarcastic note extending his apologies to all the women, who have lost their loved ones due to political fights in the state.

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