Actor Raja (Twitter)
Actor Raja (Twitter)Twitter

Telugu actor Raja fell victim to a death hoax on social media sites.

For the last couple of days, social networking sites were abuzz with the death news of the actor and YSR Congress member. Even as Raja was campaigning for the party, rumours started spreading on social networking sites, such as facebook and twitter, claiming that the actor had died in an accident. Soon, #RIPRaja was trending on twitter for a brief period.

However, the actor himself has clarified on the death hoax saying that he is alive and doing well.

"I'm alive and kicking, he told the Times of India. "It's just very sad. You just cannot spread rumours about somebody's death. I never imagined people can stoop so low that they wish somebody dead just because he raised a few issues you do not agree with. My family and friends have been a worried lot and have been calling me to check if I'm OK."

It is not yet clear as to who spread the rumours on the social media platforms, though there are reports claiming that Pawan Kalyan fans are behind this.

It is well known that Kalyan, who floated his Jana Sena party, is campaigning for the BJP-TDP alliance. On Saturday, Raja criticized him at a public meeting and apparently, it did not go down well with the power star's fans. It is being said that some self-proclaimed mischievous Kalyan fans have spread the rumours. A facebook fan page - "Power Star Pawan Kalyan (Pawanism) Fans Page" - had a message stating, "Actor Raja died in accident. Rest in peace (smilie)" along with the picture of the "Anand" actor. However, the page mysteriously disappeared a few hours later, reported TOI.

Raja, who has starred in several Telugu films, had recently married in Chennai.

This is not the first time that film stars have become targets of death hoaxes. Several hollwyood and bollywood celebrities have also faced such issues.