Divyendu Sharma
Divyendu SharmaSpecially arranged for IBTimes India

From playing Liquid in Pyaar Ka Punchnama to becoming household for his role of Munna Tripathi, a power-hungry mafia in Mirzapur, actor Divyenndu, without a second thought, has proved his mettle on screen. He might not be a conversation starter but he's a pretty fun person with people in the know.

So when Divyenndu sat down for a tête-à-tête with International Business Times India, he spoke candidly about his short Fatafat, new web film Badnaam Gali alongside Patralekha, the influence of good and bad company in life, being a reserved person and his views on surrogacy. 

Tell us about this short Fatafat and your role.

I'll tell you honestly more than to talk about my character Fatafat is about a feeling. The film is all feeling it has all the components of a film in terms of story, screen play, characterization. But for the most important thing stands out about Fatafat is the feeling. It brings a very sweet smile on your face. When I saw this was my reaction. I don't know how people will react accordingly. Had a lot of fun shooting this one. You know we shot the film in just 2 days, which was quite Fatafat but when I saw the film it was like sipping a cold glass of sweet lime juice on a hot Sunday afternoon!'

It's about how a struggling call center employee's life changes when he stumbles across a salesman in a bus. He is very restless as a character so they name Fatafat. You there is a line in this film which says, 'Aaram bhi chahiye woh Bhi Fatafat'. So it works with that kind of attitude. I feel like a fool! (laughs). But a happy fool like a khushboo Wala fool. It's a nice feeling to have something like this in a short film as an artist and experiment a little bit with character and subject. I feel really special. When do a short film or something like this, I feel very connected with the project.

Have you ever stumbled upon a person in real life who was instrumental in major good or bad changes in life?

Oh yes, a lot of people. I mean growing years you meet a lot a people who have not a very good influence on your personality. Also you meet teachers who talk things and you understand this is how it should be. I have quite a lot of people like that. A small phase of my life where I was not with good company but thankfully I realized early and those were teenage times were mind is very questionable and you try to fit in every thing. It was a very small phase. Otherwise I'm lucky to have very good people around me.

You're quite reserved and less expressive while talking to people but onscreen we can see how expressive you can be with every scene be it Pyaar Ka Punchnama or Mirzapur or Fatafat. How do you manage this transition?

Actor Divyenndu
Actor DivyennduSpecially arranged for IBTimes India

I think I save my expressions for the screen (laughs). I rationed it nicely. Actually I'm a pretty fun person with people I know. But I'm not out going person. I'm not a conversation starter. But with the like minded people I have pretty fun and discuss things. But to take that first step it takes time for me.

After Chashme Baddoor, you got somewhere lost in the chaos until Toilet - Ek Prem Katha happened. What do you think went wrong in between all these four years.

Nothing went wrong and not even a chaos. It was a position that any new comer would like to be in. Because after Punchnama, Chashme Baddoor came and both this films were legit hit. After I received lot of work but I noticed a fact that they all were of same kind of character and same type of film. I realised this is the time when I should not accept every offer coming my way. There were tons of offers like I said after two hits any one would get. I don't want to get slotted as an actor. For me it's very important to keep on doing varied of work to have satisfaction as an artist. I was just talking my time as I wanted to showcase my versatility.

How do you introspect yourself, in both personal and professional life choices.

I'm doing pretty well. Professionally I'm much more in happy state as Batti Gul happened, Mirzapur happened, also Fatafat and Badnaam Gali happening so I'm getting different kinds of roles to play with different sets and story. So it's a great thing for an artist and no complaints. Personal like also going pretty good by God's grace so I'm in a happy state right now.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Mirzapur gave a much-needed boost to your career as now you have become household for your role. Have things changed for you post the success of Mirzapur.


I don't think about success and failure as an artist it's everyone's personal journey. I'm not person who shows the world how successful I'm. Success and failure both are mine. Mirzapur gave me some I was waiting for longest time it gave me chance to show different side of mine and I'm very glad people liked and enjoyed.

I'm glad it opened many doors were people will see me as a complete actor rather than seeing only one side of mine.

Now the second season is coming up. Can you tell us how your character will shape and will there be any major shift in the building up your character.

That obviously I can't tell you guys but yes a lot of things are coming up. Whatever I have read I'm really happy and filled to share with you guys.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

Badnaam gali is coming up. A lot of stuff is happening and also have done web series for applause.

On his role in Badnaam Gali.

Divyenndu and Patralekha
Divyenndu and Patralekha in Badnaam GaliTwitter

I'm playing this character name Randeep singh Sodhi. People call him Rano. He is from Punjab who comes from well to do family and he is really confused about his life. He is quiet irritated with few things. He is a very righteous person. He is very touchy about things like eve teasing and haunting with cars. So who ever does that he engages in fight with that person. There are few things about him which I really liked as a character. Because of difference in opinion with his family he decides to come to Delhi for peace of mind to start something of his own which itself is a big joke because obviously you can't find peace of mind in a big city like Delhi where he meets Patralekha.

Talking about the story line of Badnaam Gali.

The story tells that how my character comes to this badnaam gali where he meets Patralekha's character who is playing a surrogacy mother. It revolves around how people have different opinions about her and they don't understand surrogacy and create views about her. So he stands along her all throughout and feel genuine merit in her as she helps couples who couldn't have baby to bring happiness in their life and later become good friends it tells us that.

What are your views on surrogacy and would you ever opt for it or recommend it to your peers?

Yes obviously, I think surrogacy is a medium which gives hope to couples who can't have their own baby biologically. Surrogacy is a very noble thing as it is shown by Patralekha's character which act as a medium for couples to have their own kids.