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An activist working among the homeless has called for a boycott of films of those supporting Bollywood star Salman Khan, who has got a five-year jail term for killing a homeless man.

Indu Prakash Singh, convenor of the National Forum for Housing Rights (NFHR), said Wednesday's verdict by a Mumbai court against Salman "needs to be celebrated, not condemned".

"Bollywood support for Salman and comments like (those) of Abhijeet needs to be condemned," he said in a statement.

"It seems Bollywood doesn't live in India. And is above the constitution. Is it so? If so, let's all boycott Bollywood films, especially of those people who are condemning the jail sentence given to Salman Khan."

He added: "Salman committed a crime and justice spares none. Glad that our judiciary is still upright and fearless."

A car driven by Salman hit a bakery in Mumbai's Bandra area in September 2002, crushing a 38-year-old man who was sleeping on the pavement and also injuring four others.

On Wednesday, after the court verdict, a host of Bollywood personalities came out in support of Salman. Singer Abhijeet condemned those sleeping on pavements. Later, Salman was given interim bail till Friday.

Indu Prakash Singh asked: "Why is it that always the rich are preferred all the time? And the poor pay for no crime committed by them, except their poverty.

"Do the poor have no claim to the city that they have made with their own sweat and labour?

"Nobody has the right to mow down anyone, on the roads, footpaths, be it even a dog. And all criminals need to be booked earlier than later, as in the case of Salman Khan," he said.