Harpreet Bachher

In today's time wedding photography is a highly rewarding job. Though it might get unnerving and stressful at times, nothing is more satisfying than doing something which falls under your forte. Presently there are a number of people who do wedding photography but most of them do not understand how to execute the task effortlessly. How to use different angles and lighting to create unique shots, the role-play of cinematography, editing and much more. Keeping all of these minute details in mind The Wedding Story has launched a new course named 'The Wedding Story School of Cinematography and Editing'.

"Back then, wedding photography wasn't considered to be the best option for a talented photographer. To be honest, clients were used to the same old traditional photographers doing their same old boring stuff. No one knew anything better" said Harpreet Bachher, founder of 'The Wedding Story'.

Being one of its kind, it's a course for aspiring wedding photographer. It's curated in such a manner that the course has a lot more to offer than just the cinematography aspect of it. The ten-day course containing 16 chapters mainly focuses on Photography, Cinematography and Editing but also entails topics like aerial cinematography, Shooting in low light situations, Data Management, Backup and Storage, Client Interaction and Behavior, Rules of framing and Composition, Cinematography for different functions like Haldi, Pool party, Sangeet, Art of shooting audio bytes, Footage analysis and High-end editing. Each event is different from the other in a wedding and hence requires a different skill in order to capture those shots perfectly. This course helps you master those tricks and tips.

"To be able to join TWS or other professional team you are required to have a proper formal training involving all aspects of wedding cinematography including presentation, technique and creativity. If you want to start your career as a wedding cinematographer then this might be the right course for you" he says.

It's quite understandable that covering large scale or celebrity weddings is tedious and a little intimidating at times. One might lose their confidence and end up messing even the easiest shot that they know. This greatly affects their creativity and execution. To ease up such random jolts in your thought process the Wedding Story has come up with this course of 'The Wedding Story School of Cinematography and Editing' that not only polishes your technical skills but also develops your spiritual, mental and emotional aspect of your mentality.

Known for its artistic approach, unique take on photography and cinematography, customized music tracks and praiseworthy editing, 'The Wedding Story' was established in the year of 2010.