Janvi Gaur Offers The Best Vedic Astrology and Tarot-Reading Services

Unique people can feel the negative and positive energies around them and only the rare ones can understand the true meaning behind them. Janvi Gaur is a Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader by profession, she was born in a family where everyone could get intuitions but she was someone who would feel a little more than the others. From the young age of six or seven years, she would get visions about the extraordinary and soon realized that her calling was something different, something more spiritual, she claims.

It was at the age of 22 when she decided to take up the profession of tarot card reading and started practicing astrology in depth. She then moved to Delhi at the age of 25 where she ventured into the world of Vastu-Shastra. While visiting people's houses to check the prevailing problems, the Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader says she would see and feel a lot more things than just Vastu. Talking to people alone gave her the knowledge of the problems they were facing and realized whether the things were in their favor or not. Her clear visions also helped a lot of influential people, including many politicians and actors in understanding the force behind the good and bad happening in their lives, she claims.

Owing to her expertise in the Astrological field, she has been featured in a lot of radio shows in cities all over India like Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, and parts of Rajasthan. Other than that, she got featured in several magazines and channels.

In the following years, she was also internationally acclaimed. From learning deeply about Tarot cards to understanding everything about the procedure of Spiritual Response Therapy, she learned it all. She has constantly evolved as a person and faced every challenge that life has thrown her way. 

She is a person with knowledge about every dimension. She believes that there exists some parallel life or dimension where the soul travels to and by connecting to her spirit guide; she can feel a connection with other spirits as well.

She has been an influential person internationally too. She was in the 'Hot 100 People of UAE' in 2014, and then she got the 'Great Women Award' in the same year in the Middle East. In the year 2015, she also got the FICCI Recognition award in Delhi. With many Bollywood celebrities and other famous personalities as her regular clients, a lot of people approach her for seeking solutions. She has her bases in Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, London and now wishes to establish another one in Los Angeles.