Recently Twitter saw an outburst of satirically hilarious posts about how Indians see, perceive and interpret everything. Since the hash-tag made its presence felt, #AccordingToIndians has remained the top trend on Twitter in India, with over 20 posts popping up every second.

While some of the users preferred to use the opportunity to make some hard-hitting jabs at the political and social situation India, most were content to exhibit their wittiness by commenting on some bizarre norms of the country.

One Neeraj Rastogi , for example, said how Uttar Pradesh should be renamed as Balatkar (rape) Pradesh, following reports on consecutive rape cases occurring in the state.

#AccordingToIndians उत्तर प्रदेश का नाम बलात्कार प्रदेश रख देना चाहिए – Neeraj Rastogi (@NeerRastogi) July 19, 2014.

#AccordingToIndians if agirls whear shorts & skirts she is not sanskari & if boys flirt with girls he is macho. – Akhil (@berozgarMBA) July 19, 2014.

Taking a dig at former porn star Sunny Leone's stardom in Bollywood, The Boko Harami tweeted his distress over the negligent treatment of rape victims in India.

#AccordingToIndians a pornstar is a celebrity but a rape victim is unacceptable as a person in our society.- The Boko harami (@boko_harami) July 18, 2014.

Tweeters like Paglu Piggu and Prachi Singh used this trend to speak out against the regional racism in India.

#AccordingToIndians if u speak bengali or tamil or punjabi as a native lang. It's ok... But speak bhojpuri thn u r an illiterate gavar... – Prachi Singh (PrachiSingh1995) July 18, 2014.

#AccordingToIndians Every south indian is a Madrasi... – Paglu Piggu (@PagluPiggu) July 18, 2014.

Revolver Rani, tweeted about how even today boy is the golden child of an Indian family.

#AccordingToIndians Chicken came second, Egg third and first is the boy child. – Revolver Rani (@RevolverRani_) July 18, 2014.

Many other tweeters, however,  managed to keep their posts light, by commenting on Indians' eating habits, obsession with fair skin, superstitions, urgency to "settle down" and the age-old fixation of speaking "Angrezi" like the British.

#AccordingToIndians Eating meat on particular days of a week will make God angry. Very angry. – Rakesh Sarangi (@rrrrrrrocky) July 19, 2014.

#AccordingToIndians Fair n Lovely = Success in life – Anagha Nair (@NairAnagha) July 19, 2014.

#AccordingToIndians When life gives you lemons , you add a thread with some chillies and hang it on your door.- Boldmonk (@Ghanta_Claus) July 19, 2014.

#AccordingToIndians Study well to get a job Work hard to earn money Get married to have kids –Err (@Twitty_Err) July 19, 2014.

#AccordingToIndians if Spanish ppl dnt knw English its ok..Bt when an Indian cant speak English...He/She is illiterate- Vrusham AK SM (@RakshitShah2) 19 July, 2014.

And then there is Atif Changal, who rightly said Indians can never agree on anything!

#AccordingToIndians ! Are you kidding me? India is a humongous country with over 1.2B who rarely agree on anything." – Atif Majeed Changal (@AatifChangal) July 19, 2014.