The Accidental Prime Minister
The Accidental Prime Minister movie review

The Accidental Prime Minister starring Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna has been one of the most talked about movies. While many have been eagerly waiting to watch the film, some critics and audience have already come up with review of the movie.

Based on the 2014 memoir written by Sanjaya Baru by the same name, The Accidental Prime Minister features Anupam Kher portraying the role of former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Akshaye as political commentator Sanjaya Baru, Suzanner Bernert as Sonia Gandhi, Aahana Kumra as Priyanka Gandhi, Arjun Mathur as Rahul Gandhi among others.

Directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, The Accidental Prime Minister showcases former PM, Manmohan Singh's political journey from 2004 to 2014 under the UPA regime. While the trailer of the film received good response from the audience, it created a lot of hullabaloo due to the controversial aspects associated with it. Nonetheless, the film has released, and some initial reviews have come up, which praise The Accidental Prime Minister.

Some called it a must watch for every Indian, and some others duped it as just a propaganda film. Although it may not cater to the masala entertainer seeking audience, The Accidental Prime Minister is being applauded for the brilliant performances. Nonetheless, it received mixed response from critics and viewers.

The Accidental Prime Minister trailer
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Check some of the critics and audience reviews of The Accidental Prime Minister:

Khaleej Times: Every Indian should watch the movie, if only to find out how the game of politics is played within the four walls of a constitutional institution, and as Baru cheekily comments at the beginning of the movie, how the fate of a country of a billion people is decided by a handful of people. (3/5)

NDTV: The director has no pretence of balance or objectivity. Witness Kapil Sibal's 'performance' in his famous "zero loss" press conference. The man is all at sea. The scene would have been funny hadn't its execution been so silly. The unkindest cut is reserved for Ahmed Patel. He is reduced to a conniving, comic emissary of the party high command. Even a fine actor like Vipin Sharma is left struggling to salvage the part. He is the smirking, sour-faced villain's henchman - a Bollywood stereotype that has no place in a film that aspires to be a bold, unfettered look at Indian politics. The Accidental Prime Minister is anything but that. (1.5/5)

Times Now: Anupam Kher had said at the trailer launch that it is a love story between Dr Singh and Sanjay Baru and I have to say I enjoyed it. Their chemistry is what makes this film an entertaining watch. I loved the final scene between the two. Overall, the interesting narrative in the first half and the power-packed performances by Akshaye Khanna and Anupam Kher save this inconsistent film and make it an entertaining watch.(3/5)

Indian Express: Singh may well have been an 'accidental' PM, in Baru's succinct words, and history may or may not judge him differently. But it is no accident that the film is out now. The release is completely intentional: the polls are around the corner. And yes, propaganda can be well done too. (0/5)

Pinkvilla: The Accidental Prime Minister (movie and memoir) does not negate Dr. Manmohan Singh's history but rather puts the political figure on a pedestal of innocence, who was dwindled by a powerful political party. It's Baru's love letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, that deserves a watch at the cinema halls, purely for Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna's brilliant ode to The Accidental Prime Minister. (3.5/5)