Derek Helms
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A 28-year-old rape suspect, Derek Helms, commented on his own 'Wanted' post which was put up on Facebook by the Cabarrus County Sheriff's office in North Carolina. The post included the mugshot and his description.

According to the post, Derek had been charged with kidnapping and rape. This post by Sheriff's office was posted on July 4 with an attempt to get a tip off on his location, the Fox news had reported.

Rape suspects comments on his post

After seeing the comment on that post where his colleague called him – 'a great guy' – Helms replied leaving others shocked and surprised. 

One Brian Stallings, his colleague, commented on the post saying that he met him at a job where he was a foreman and Derek had worked hard for him.

Through that time of working together, Derek used to always speak about his kids and how much he loved them. 

Derek's comment read: "Thanks bud really appreciate it enjoyed working with y'all guys as well. Truth coming out before long vindictive and spitfullness and some croked cops [sic]"

On seeing this, the Sheriff's office replied: "you need to turn yourself in. [sic]"

Rape suspect comments on his own post

Many were taken aback by the sequence of reactions to the post.

"Did that just happen?" a person commented, apparently incredulous over what was unfolding.

Helms, of Stanly County in North Carolina, has accused law enforcement agencies of corruption in two counties and has even sent out messages about places he has visited, recently thanking his hosts in Oakboro for their hospitality at a fireworks show, reported Outlook India.

Investigators have told that Derek Helms was involved in a "complex case" of alleged domestic violence.