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Shah Rukh Khan's youngest son AbRam is meant for the camera. Though still a toddler, he has been making headlines with a stellar stadium debut, Goa pictures and even featured in a selfie video.

Additionally, he also gave some life lesson to his father Shah Rukh Khan. The king of Bollywood posted a picture of his champ, AbRam, on Twitter and captioned it: "Lessons from my littlest one...Just because it's broken does not mean it's not beautiful...."

In the picture, AbRam looks adorable in his 'just out of the shower' look and is seen holding a broken bottle, which might be a toy.

SRK has been uploading several pictures of his junior now-a-days and he even says that AbRam is always interested in everything and enjoys going out with his father everywhere.

"The little one shows interest in everything I take him to, poor guy he doesn't know yet, but he really enjoyed himself. We were really surprised because I thought he would go to sleep, so we had fixed a little table behind, but he was awake throughout. He was up till 2 am enjoying and learned two new words- Yay and KKR," SRK told NDTV.

After a stunning IPL debut, from the stands of course, Khan Junior was spotted wandering along the corridors of a Goan property.

The star couple – SRK and Gauri – along with their bundle of joy AbRam visited Goa few days back to attend the launch of Sachin Joshi's beach resort Planet Hollywood. The event was attended by a bunch of other stars, but AbRam's pictures with his dad and mom stole the show.

Check out the adorable pictures of AbRam in the above slideshow.