Abhirami Venkatachalam
Abhirami seems to be losing the support of Ajith's fans due to her acts in the housePR Handout

Two weeks into Bigg Boss Tamil 3 show, the contestants have given a rough idea about their real-life characters to the viewers. While a few have managed to earn respect and love, there are many, who are already in the bad books of the audience. Call it their outspoken attitude or carelessness; some of them are making more damage to their career than any good. Prominent among them is Abhirami Venkatachalam.

Abhirami Venkatachalam was largely unknown to the viewers till she bagged an opportunity to work in Ajith's upcoming movie Nerkonda Paarvai. When the news of her entry to the Bigg Boss house was revealed a few days before the show took off, the fans of Thala knew whom they were going to support this season. In fact, she was one of the few contestants who had a strong support base before Vijay TV's reality show took off.

Unfortunately, Abhirami seems to be losing the golden opportunity due to her acts in the house. Firstly, she is being identified with the unpopular group, comprising of Vanitha, Sherin, Shakthi and Reshma, which is facing the public wrath for targeting their opponents.

Further, Abhirami's outbursts are not helping her anyway as it has given an impression to the public that she misunderstands people and starts fight for no concrete reason, something that the viewers saw in the previous season in Aishwarya Dutta.

Although Abhirami is not being hated by many like Vanitha or Sakshi, she too is getting a lot negative comments over her behaviour. This seems to be giving a bad publicity to her own character in the Ajith Kumar's upcoming film. 

Nerkonda Paarvai is about women and deals with the misogyny in the society. It is a female-centric movie with a strong message to the people. Since she plays one of the important roles in the Ajith Kumar-starrer, her acts in the Bigg Boss house could not only make irreparable damage to her career, but also puts the film's prospects in danger. 

Netizens have started expressing their concerns as the movie gets ready for its release in August. "#Abriami should have waited for #NerKondaPaarvai release in August and shouldn't have gone to #BiggBossTamil3 house this year..[sic]," leading trade tracker Ramesh Bala too indicated the same in his tweet.

"Yes. This will damage her characterisation in the movie and if I was the director or productive I wouldn't have allowed her to participate in bb. [sic]" a follower of his tweeted.

It does not come as a surprise as actress Raiza Wilson, who had contested in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil, too had landed in the same situation due to her behaviour. In fact, netizens had demanded people to boycott Dhanush's VIP until she was removed from the cast even though she had done a small role in the movie.

However, Abhirami still has a few more weeks before her film's release to change the viewers' perception about her and win their hearts. Will she?