Abhinav Dagar

Entering any field of choice today can prove to be a daunting task in itself, let alone making it huge in the same; such is how industries have become highly competitive over the years. However, there have been a few who have done even that, showcasing their courage and determination, and have gone ahead in making their mark in their chosen industries even as youngsters. Starting a journey as a young teenager has proved to be a different challenge, but professionals like Abhinav Dagar radiate brilliance in the entrepreneurial space.

This young Indian lad started his journey at only 14 years when others his age were busy playing video games or doing other extra-curricular activities. He made his choice of becoming a part of the business world, specifically of the digital realm, by turning into a digitalpreneur. The Delhi-based youngster today owns Sleek Ecom, his unique boutique digital marketing agency, which specializes in helping brands scale their business using profitable marketing techniques and by using simplified systems and automation.

Sleek Ecom (@sleekecom) has come a long way as it offers customized services to each client and provides them with incredible services like website/funnel creation, Facebook and Instagram ads, Instagram Management, and so much more. He recalls how attaining this success did not happen overnight and how after several failed attempts, spending endless hours learning how to grow pages on Instagram, he could grow his first page to 10K followers in just a few months.

His experiences and expertise helped him start offering Instagram growth as a service. Over the years, he kept growing as a professional by adding to his knowledge and experiences, which today has earned him over 200+ satisfied clients and businesses worldwide.

He (@abhinavvdagar) is a determined digitalpreneur who finds his peace and passion in helping brands grow on Instagram and with his Ecom agency, he loves helping brands scale on autopilot, creating automated stores, and offering profitable ads.