Singer Abhijeet has sparked a controversy on Twitter after he targeted lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan. Abhijeet made a highly abusive tweet on Prashant Bhushan for seeking a stay on Yakub Memon's hanging.

In reply to a tweet, Abhijeet said, "@AnuragWROXTAR yaar iss prashant bhushan ko jute marne ke liye bhi appointment lena padega .. Pura Desh katar me hai (sic)." [Translation: @AnuragWROXTAR friend it will need appointment to even beat prashant bhushan with shoes. The whole nation is waiting to do the same]

In another tweet, the Bollywood singer tagged a TV journalist and wrote, "@gauravcsawant yaar main @pbhushan1 Prashant Bhushan ko fata hua sasta joota marunga (mine is costly) uski dead body par, Camera ready rakhna (sic)." [Translation: @gauravcsawant friend I will hit Prashant Bhushan's dead body with torn cheap shoes (mine is costly). You keep your camera ready]

These abusive remarks sparked a controversy Twitter and soon, the micro-blogging site was flooded with pro and anti-Abhijeet tweets. When Prashant Bhushan supporters got back at him, the singer replied with some more abusive tweets. Nevertheless, no reaction from Prashant Bhushan has come up yet.

It must be mentioned that former AAP member Prashant Bhushan was among the team of lawyers seeking a stay on Yakub Memon's hanging. This is not the first time that Abhijeet created a controversy with his tweets. During the trial of Salman Khan's hit-and-run case, Abhijeet tweeted defending Salman, which remained a topic of discussion for quite some time.

He had tweeted, "Kutta rd pe soyega kutte ki maut marega, roads garib ke baap ki nahi hai I ws homles an year nvr slept on rd (sic)." [Translation: If a dog sleeps on the road, it will die a dog's death. Roads are not the property of a poor's father.