ABC will not be airing season 3 episode 8 of "The Fosters" as per schedule on Monday, 27 July, instead the family drama will be back with a dramatic new episode titled "Daughters" on next Monday, 3 August.

The upcoming episode would deal with Callie's (Maiana Mitchell) living situation and her relationship with Rita (Rosie O'Donnell). In the promo, the mother is seen trying to reassure Callie that she did not hit Carmen (Alicia Sixtos), after bloody image of the latter is shown on screen. The synopsis for "Daughters" reads that she would re-evaluate her feelings for Rita.

Callie also has to deal with another problematic issue, when her adoption officer told her mother that she will not be allowed to live with the Fosters, after she discovers the restraining papers that were filed against Brandon (David Lambert). In the promo, she is seen asking Callie if they were in love, possibly attributing to her and Brandon's relationship.

Brandon also speaks with the social worker and has something important to share with his mother regarding the tension in the Fosters' home. Will Callie be separated from her family in "Daughters"? Find out on 2 August at 8pm (EST), when ABC airs new episode of "The Fosters".