Dentists Rajesh Talwar (front C) and wife Nupur (back C, in shawl) are taken to a court in Ghaziabad on the outskirts of New Delhi November 25, 2013.
Dentists Rajesh Talwar (front C) and wife Nupur (back C, in shawl) are taken to a court in Ghaziabad on the outskirts of New Delhi November 25, 2013.Reuters

A sessions court in Ghaziabad on Monday announced its verdict in the Aarushi-murder case, declaring Rajesh and Nupur Talwar guilty of killing their teenage daughter Aarushi and servant Hemraj in May 2008.

NDTV news channel reported that the duo was taken to Dasna jail in Ghaziabad after the verdict. Their lawyer will appeal against the judgment in Allahbad High Court.

The Ghaziabad court held both Talwars guilty of double murders and will announce the quantum of sentence on Tuesday. The maximum punishment the court shall order is either life imprisonment or death sentence.

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar were convicted under sections 302 (murder), 201/34 (destruction of evidence) and 203 (filing a misleading FIR) of Indian Penal Code, reported ANI. Investigators claimed that Aarushi's murder was an honour killing, where her parents killed her in a fit of rage after finding her with Hemraj in an 'objectionable' position.

After the pronouncement of the verdict, the Talwars released a statement saying, "We are deeply disappointed, hurt and anguished with the verdict. We refuse to feel defeated and will continue to fight for justice."

On 16 May 2008, 13-year-old Aarushi was found with her throat slit open in her bedroom at Talwars' Noida apartment. After declaring domestic help Hemraj, who was missing, a prime suspect, the servant's corpse was found on the terrace.

After a week, Rajesh was arrested by the police in the double murder case. The Central Bureau of Investigation took over the case and two months later Rajesh was released on bail.

Nupur was arrested in April 2012 for failing to appear in court. In September 2012, she was released on bail.

Latest Reactions

Omar Abdullah, J&K Chief Minister: "Arushi Talwar case is going to be our "grassy knoll". We have a guilty verdict but I wonder if we will ever know what really happened."

Fiza Jha, Aarushi's friend: "I am deeply disappointed. I know the public opinion about this but has anyone thought what if they are innocent? The whole case has gone from bad to worse. It will be tragic if the parents don't get justice in higher courts. I know the parents very well, I was like a second daughter.They loved her very much."

Abha Singh, senior lawyer: "This was a gruesome incident. It was an open and shut case."

Satyaketu Singh, Talwars lawyer: "There was no evidence, disappointed with the verdict. Its wrong."

Kiran Bedi, social activist and IPS officier: "Am reserving my comments on Guilty Verdict for Talwars, till it is known what was new evidence for CBI after its closure report of Oct 2010."

RK Saini, CBI lawyer: "Court said according to the circumstances there is no one else who could commit the crime."