Aarathu Sinam
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Arulnithi-starrer "Aarathu Sinam," which hit the screens worldwide Friday, Feb.26, has opened to positive reviews. The Tamil film is directed by Arivazhagan Venkatachalam and produced by N Ramaswamy.

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Aishwarya Rajesh has paired up with Arulnithi in the movie. Aishwarya Datta, Radha Ravi, Anupama Kumar, Tulasi, RN Manohar, Robo Shankar, Charlie, Ramesh Thilak and others are in the cast. The movie has S Thaman's music, Aravind Singh's cinematography and Rajesh Kannan's editing.

"Aarathu Sinam" is the Tamil remake of hit Malayalam film "Memories," which starred Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role. It was written and directed by Jeethu Joseph of "Drishyam" ("Papanasam" in Tamil) fame.

The trailer of "Aarathu Sinam" had impressed the viewers and generated a lot of curiosity around the movie. Hence, there is a good buzz. Moreover, the original version was a big hit and the audience are hoping that the Kollywood film will also impress the audience.

"Aarathu Sinam" is a crime thriller, in which Arulnithi plays the role of a cop. He turns an alcoholic after his wife and daughter get killed. Years after the tragedy, the police department approaches him to crack a case of a serial killer. The story is all about how he nabs the culprit in his style. 

Average Ratings given by Audience: 3

While the first half lacks the required pace to hold the viewers' attention, the second half gives an edge-of-the-seat experience for the audience. "Aarathu Sinam" has impressed the cine-goers with its good story backed by brilliant performance of Arulnithi. But what has failed to work in the film is Robo Shankar's portions. Technically, cinematography department and Thaman's background score are top notch. Here, we bring to you the audience's response to the Tamil movie:

Common Man Sathish wrote: #‎AarathuSinam‬ Director Pandiraj - One of the best movies for Arulnithi in the likes of Mouna Guru & Demonte Colony
‪#‎AarathuSinam‬ - First ever production by successful Thenandal Films Murali Ramaswamy in 2016 & they have given their best ever movie in 2016.
‪#‎Aarathusinam‬ - Arulnithi has not tried to imitate Prithivraj, which most of the actors does in remake movies & hence, it looks natural and he had given his best ever performance.
#AarathuSinam 1st half @arulnithitamil had given his career best performance as drunkard. @aishu_dil impresses with limited screen presence
#AarathuSinam First half - Arulnithi had given his career best performance as drunkard. Aishwarya Rajesh, though...

VCD wrote:
#AarathuSinam - Do watch it. Ask others to watch it as well. But not to reveal the the suspense to others. 7.5/10
#AarathuSinam - This is not a script for any hero. In fact, the script/plot is the hero of this film. 7.5/10
#AarathuSinam - totally unexpected flashback but very well connected with the film.
#AarathuSinam - @dirarivazhagan 's choice of characters are appreciable. Robo Shankar, Charlee. Tulasi, Radha Ravi, all were good.
#AarathuSinam - Happy for @arulnithitamil for choosing sensible scripts and satisfying everyone.
#AarathuSinam - One of @arulnithitamil 's bests so far. Suited perfectly. In fact, this is a next level in his career.
#AarathuSinam - A typical mystery/suspense thriller. Suspense was well maintained till the end. Worth watching. 7.5/10
#AarathuSinam - Liked the whole movie as a whole. Was at the edge of the second during the flashback in the second half.

Viswarishy wrote: #AarathuSinam - The movie takes a little time to settle. Waiting for an interesting second half. A quality film on the cards.
#AarathuSinam - Going good so far. Keeps us to predict on what is going to happen next.
#AarathuSinam - Liked the whole movie as a whole. Was at the edge of the seat during the flashback in the second half. Unexpected flashback.

Praveen tweeted: #AarathuSinam — Thaman's BGM is highly appreciable, not surprised. Director Arivazhagan gets the best out of him every single time
#AarathuSinam — Most satisfying remake in recent times. @dirarivazhagan. @arulnithitamil once again proved why he's choosy and a class apart
#AarathuSinam — @arulnithitamil rocks as an alcoholic cop fighting his inner demons tracking a serial killer. The second half is just good.
#AarathuSinam — 3/5 Well crafted thriller that is super engrossing. Jeethu Joseph's story and @dirarivazhagan's direction made it enjoyable.

Ramesh tweeted: #AarathuSinam [3.25/5]: A well-made thriller solving a serial killer case.. Backed by very good acting and Excellent BGM score and tech dept
#AarathuSinam [3.25/5]: @arulnithitamil excels as an Alcoholic Cop trying to come terms with his haunting past.. Shows varied emotions..
#AarathuSinam [3.25/5]: @aishu_dil has a small role.. But makes a gud impression.. #RadhaRavi , #RoboShankar & #Charlie provide gud support
#AarathuSinam [3.25/5]: @MusicThaman 's BGM is a major highlight of the movie.. It certainly enhances the appeal.. Song(s) are a plus too..
#AarathuSinam [3.25/5]: DOP #AravindSingh effectively captures the interior TN well.. Editor #Rajesh keeps it tight at 2 hrs 14 mins..
#AarathuSinam [3.25/5]: @dirarivazhagan has remade Malayalam hit #Memories well with some nativity changes.. A satisfying outin on da whole

Pandiraj tweeted: Watched @arulnithitamil #AarathuSinam, One of the best film in his career in the likes of #MounaGuru & #DemontyColony. Best wishes To Team

Haricharan Pudipeddi posted: @MusicThaman's score a big plus for #AarathuSinam. Knows exactly how to accentuate the mood of the film with his work.
#AarathuSinam extremely well executed thriller that's really good post interval. @arulnithitamil shines once again in a tough role.
#AarathuSinam at interval. The tension soars gradually with intermittent humour. Set for a thrilling second half.