Twitteratis celebrating AAPrilFoolsDay on April Fool's Day.Twitter/Deepak Kakran

On 1 April, controversy-ridden Aam Aadmi Party has become the butt of many online jokes. The tech-savvy party is a favourite among social media users, who are taking potshots at the party for many wrong reasons, with one user saying April Fool's Day has got a new synonym in Oxford Dictionary: Kejri Diwas. 

A hashtag named after the party is trending on Twitter, where people are making fun of the party and wishing "Happy AAPrilFoolsDay".

While the world is playing pranks and hoaxes on each other, twitterati is busy cracking jokes on the Delhi government for the promises Aam Aadmi Party and its leader Arvind Kejriwal made during the state assembly elections like free WiFi, and now making a 'fool' out of Delhiites.

One of them played one of the most mischievous pranks on Kejriwal by saying that April Fool's Day has got a synonym in Oxford Dictionary. 

 Some are posting caricatures of Kejriwal.