With the Karnataka government announcing the list of 243 wards, the stage is set for the upcoming Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) elections. Preparations for the prestigious battle have already begun in the ruling BJP, the opposition Congress and regional party JD(S) camps. AAP is also upbeat about the civic polls. Making its presence felt ahead of the polls, AAP Karnataka has launched a tirade of attacks against the ruling BJP government.

Speaking at a press conference in Bengaluru, AAP state president Prithvi Reddy highlighted the 40 percent commission controversy while slamming BJP. Referring to the governance AAP has led Delhi and now in Punjab, Reddy imagined corruption-free governance in Bengaluru. But first, he said AAP must come ahead in the BBMP polls.

AAP to contest elections in all BBMP wards; encourages common man to participate [details]
AAP to contest elections in all BBMP wards; encourages common man to participate [details]

"Delhi state honest governance has set a model for rest of the country and now, Punjab has also created a corruption free governance. Why can this not be implemented in Bengaluru? It is possible to have this set up in Bengaluru. For this, we must throw out the corrupt 40% commission government. Bengaluru has a population of over 1 crore and we are ruled by a few dishonest and corrupt individuals. They are raiding on our future." Prithvi Reddy said.

Common man encouraged to contest from AAP

Alleging that the democracy in the country has been reduced to "of a group of exclusive people, by a group of exclusive people and for a group of exclusive people", AAP state president welcomed the common man "who love our people and protect and love our city" to contest in the civic polls.

"Be it activists who are fighting for lakes, activists who work to protect Bengaluru's green cover, anyone fighting for good schools for kids and government hospitals for poor, or those who fight for pothole-free roads or competent leaders from other political parties whose hard work and commitment for their people is always ignored. People should come forward for Bengaluru. One step forward by the people will increase our strength. We all can together save Bengaluru" Reddy was quoted as saying.

Reddy also took a jibe at the opposition parties in the state and said that only AAP Karnataka has raised voice against corruption, injustice and "misgovernance of BJP government" in the state. Hinting at Congress, he said the opposition parties are focused on family politics with money and muscle power.

AAP to contest elections in all BBMP wards; encourages common man to participate [details]
AAP to contest elections in all BBMP wards; encourages common man to participate [details]

"Over the past few years, AAP Karnataka has been the sole opposition in our state and has been the only party that has raised voice against corruption, injustice and misgovernance of BJP government in our state. Today, the Aam Aadmi Party has its presence across the city and has been actively helping people with their problems and drawing everyone's attention to the problems in the city. Traditional parties have been doing politics all these days with money power and muscle power and focused on family politics," Reddy said.

Vowing to bring corruption-free governance in Bengaluru, AAP Karnataka has started a Candidate Search Committee as a part of the party's "One Chance to Kejriwal" campaign. AAP's state secretary BT Nagana will oversee the committee while Suresh Rathod, Kushala Swamy, Fariduddin Shariff and Sachith Sahani are its members. The aim of this committee is to invite common people, youth, women, advocates and people from different walks of life to fight and win elections. 

BBMP polls 2022

How can you participate?

Here's how interested people who wish to contest in the upcoming elections as a part of AAP. Give a missed call to 7669100500 or send an email to AapAspirant@karnataka.aamaadmiparty.Org to contact the Candidate Search Committee. AAP is also welcoming interested individuals to drop in to their office at No 54, 1st Floor, Railway Parallel Rd, Kumarapark West, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560020.