Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti
Delhi Law Minister Somnath BhartiTV Grab

Much of the drama surrounding Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday was concentrated on the overwhelming pressure on New Delhi Law Minister Somanth Bharti to quit and also on an FIR against the party's protesters. Following are the highlights of the day's development:

AAP under Pressure to Remove Bharti

The "Open Letter by Citizens" alleges that Bharti made racist comments during the infamous raid at the heart of Delhi, and provides video clips as proof.

"Is it not racist to allege that an entire community of Africans is prostitutes and drug traffickers?" the letter by activists and academicians said.

In one of his comments on camera, the law minister is heard saying, "Nigerian girls and men all indulge in prostitution and drug trafficking and it is a threat to local ma, behen, betti," the NDTV reported.

An Uganda woman has also said Bharti led the people who had attacked her.

SHO Threatened by AAP Supporters

After the Uganda woman's complaint against Bharti's misbehaviour, National Commission for Women chairperson Mamta Sharma on Wednesday demanded Bharti's resignation.

But Mamta has alleged that the SHO cannot summon the Delhi Law Minister as he is being threatened by Aam Aadmi party supporters.

"Delhi Commission for Women has taken up the case now. He has been summoned and I'm not aware if he went or not. State Commission will submit its report and we will take the matter up," she told CNN IBN.

Meanwhile, Delhi Commison for Women (DCW) Barkha Singh said three of the Ugandan women have complained that unknown people forcibly entered their house in the middle of the night, asking for their passports and searched their suitcases.

"Two of the Ugandan women have stated that they were stopped while returning from work and forced to give urine samples while sitting in a taxi," Barkha told Live Mint.

Police File FIR against AAP Protesters

The Delhi Police have registered an (FIR) against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) protesters who staged the 33-hour demonstration outside Rail Bhavan in the heart of Delhi.

Police have not yet informed against whom exactly the FIR has been filed, while it has been confirmed that AAP leader and New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not been named.

Kejriwal Hospitalised Due to Lung Congestion

Kejriwal has reportedly been admitted to a hospital on Wednesday morning with severe lung congestion. He was racked by cough in the past few days of the dharna he held during the bitter cold weather. He had even spent a night on the street near the Parliament house on a makeshift bed. 

Kejriwal, with a shawl tightly wrapped around his head, was seen making a great effort to shout over the media personnel surrounding him as he announced the end of his sit-in at around 7.30pm on Tuesday, an event many have dubbed as a 'face-saving' tactic.