Aamir Khan, Rubaru Roshni
Aamir Khan at Rubaru Roshni screeningPR handout

Aamir Khan Productions next film titled 'Rubaru Roshni' is all set to premiere this Republic day on Star Plus at 11 am.

Ahead of the film's release, Aamir Khan took to his Instagram and went LIVE to interact with all the fans.

'Rubaru Roshni' (face-to-face with light) is the lyrics of the track 'Roobaroo', written by Prasoon Joshi and composed by AR Rahman, from Aamir's much-loved movie 'Rang De Basanti.' Naresh Iyer had even won the National Award for his vocals. Incidentally, the movie had also released on January 26, thirteen years ago.

During the LIVE interaction with fans, Aamir Khan spoke at length about the film and went to share few details.

When asked to share something about Rubaru Roshni, Aamir shares, "This film is very close to my heart. And hence I chose this day, Republic day. We have translated the film into 7 different languages. I am looking forward to you'll watch the film. The film would release in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and English along with subtitles on respective star regional networks".

When asked about the significance of the title, Aamir shares, "Yes, there is a Song in Rang De Basanti named 'Roobaroo Roshini' and that's not the reason we've kept the name of the film this. The theme of the very well goes with the word 'Rubaru Roshini' thus we've kept this as the name of the movie."

Aamir Khan had earlier clarified that his next film is not about a new episode of 'Satyamev Jayate'. The actor concluded the video by saying, "Dil pe lagegi tabhi baat banegi and invited the audience to join him to watch the film.

Aamir Khan hosted a special screening of Rubaru Roshni for close friends and family in Mumbai. After watching the film, celebrities Karan Johar, Parineeti Chopra, Siddharth Malhotra and others heaped praise on the film and called it a 'must watch'.

The film is directed by Svati Chakravarty which is all set to premiere this Republic day on Star Plus at 11 am.