The year gone by was an eventful one for celebrities. Many milestones were checked and histories created, but amid all the goodness, some were met with brickbats on social media as well. Although most of what the stars do and say are taken and given a crazy twist just for kicks, below are some names, who were completely asking for it.

Aamir Khan

This guy was heavily trolled on social media for his infamous 'intolerant' remark. Although some have batted for the star saying he has every right to say what's on his mind considering how 'free' our country is, some were downright upset with his statements.

Salman Khan

This superstar walked free after the Bombay High court acquitted him of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case. While the Khan family and the actor's fans were busy shedding tears of joy, some very witty social media users got to trolling him on Twitter.

For instance, "Salman didn't kill them, driver didn't kill them! Then who killed them? John Cena????," Good Doctor posted.

Varun Dhawan

Not acting skills, this lad's foot-in-the-mouth comment will someday push him into deep trouble. At one of the "Dilwale" promotional events, he said if people liked Christopher Nolan's "Inception", they would enjoy the Rohit Shetty directorial. This comment wasn't blown out of proportion until the movie was released.

Sonam Kapoor

She's pretty regular and has outshone her peers, as far as internet jokes are concerned. The fashionista was pulled down for her 'bird' dress at the Cannes Film Festival 2015. She also found herself in trouble after the very controversial tweet on meat ban and misogyny.

Hrithik Roshan

That Hrithik Roshan has given "Mohenjo Daro" his all was proven when he wrote about the famous blue-black/ white-gold dress photo that had gone viral three months before he posted about it on Twitter. Within no time, he was subjected to some really vile memes and jokes but the actor smartly excused himself out of the situation.