Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Yash Chopra
Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Yash Chopra at a producers' meeting.Reuters

Designer-turned-producer Shabina Khan has revealed that Shahrukh Khan was recommended for the role of 1993 hit "Darr" by one of his foremost rivals - Aamir Khan.

Speaking to Notch Magazine, Shabina revealed how the three Khans of Bollywood -- Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh -- used to hang out together before their friendship turned to rivalry and how Aamir asked Shahrukh to take up the role of Rahul Mehra in romantic psychological thriller "Darr".

"This happened at Salman's annual Eid party, and everyone was in attendance - from Aamir to Shah Rukh to the top heroines of the 90s. The party was winding up and I was among the last to leave," Shabina told Notch Magazine. 

"It was around 4:30 am and I still remember that (ironically!) Aamir Khan, SRK, Gauri and I were standing in Salman's compound when Aamir told Shah Rukh about a narration he heard the previous day. Though he refused the film, he strongly felt that Shah Rukh was perfect for the role and urged him to call up Yash Chopra for the same," Shabina said

"The film was Darr, and in that one casual conversation Aamir literally handed over Yash Chopra and Yash Raj banners to Shah Rukh. Darr made a hero out of the villain, history was written for Shah Rukh Khan, as he became Yash Raj's favourite actor and Yash uncle's eternal 'Rahul'," she added.

Shabina also mentioned how Shahrukh and Gauri used to have good times with Salman Khan.

"One such night a really funny incident occurred. We were going to Rock Around the Clock, a nightclub frequented by filmy folk. While driving there, Salman kept addressing someone as 'Gayatri'. We all wondered who Gayatri was, and when we asked Salman, he instantly pointed to Gauri saying, "Isn't she Gayatri?" It was hysterical, especially because we had hung out for a year and the whole time Salman thought Gauri was 'Gayatri'!" she said.