Bollywood actor Aamir Khan revealed that Salman's promotion of his film "Dhoom 3" on television reality show "Bigg Boss" was a friendly gesture.

In the recent episodes of "Bigg Boss", Salman sported a bowler hat which was similar to the one Aamir wore in "Dhoom 3". He even mouthed the film's tagline 'Dhoom Machale' zestfully.

Aamir had been quite clear from the beginning that the "Dhoom 3" team would not go on television shows for promotions as the film was strong enough on its own. So when Salman started promoting the film, questions were raised on Aamir's earlier statements.

Bollywood's perfectionist has now revealed that Salman's gesture of promoting "Dhoom 3" moved him.

"Salman and I share a warm rapport. A few days back, I was driving home from Yash Raj (studios). And I texted him saying, 'Main tujhe apni topi bhej raha hoon, tu kisi event par pehen lena (I am sending you my hat. Wear it at some event).' I told him, 'Accha lagega logon ko ki tune meri topi pehni hai. Hamari thodi publicity ho jayegi (People will like it, if you wear my hat, It'll give us some publicity),'" Aamir told Hindustan Times.

"I reached out to Salman and his reply was, 'Why would I wear it at any event? I will wear it on Bigg Boss.' That's a big statement he made... He is going all out - by wearing that hat - to promote my film. That shows his love and warmth, and also his generosity of spirit," he added.

Salman is known to go the extra mile to help his friends. He has played cameo roles as a favour of friendship. But his bowler act on "Bigg Boss" comes as a bit of a surprise, seeing that he took up the promotions seriously.

With Salman's move to promote "Dhoom 3" on "Bigg Boss", questions are now being asked whether Aamir will do the same for him when "Jai Ho" releases in January.