Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan
AIB Roast Controversy: Shah Rukh Khan says 'don't like it, don't watch it'; Did 'HNY' star take a dig at Aamir?Reuters

Aamir khan, who is known for his unique marketing strategies, is following arch rival Shah Rukh Khan's footsteps.

After SRK released his "Happy New Year" (HNY) trailer on WhatsApp (a free messaging app), Aamir starrer "P.K."s next poster, featuring Anushka Sharma, will be released on the same platform.

Since the competition is extremely high in the industry, stars need to constantly reinvent their marketing strategies. And so, King Khan's marketing team send out tweets ahead of the trailer launch of "HNY" urging fans to save a certain number in order to receive the film's trailer on their phones.

"Give #IndiaWaale a missed call or drop in a #Whatsapp msg on +919819020202 +919819020202 to get the #HNY trailer on your mobile," tweeted the 'HNY' official page.

Adopting the strategy, the makers of "P.K." have now decided to release their film's fourth poster on the messaging app. Since it is Sharma's maiden poster, it only made sense to be promoted in a noteworthy manner on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Sharma released a video on Twitter, promising her fans that she would pose with the infamous transistor in the poster. Giving it a smart twist, those interested have been asked to create a group of 10 members or more and add P.K.'s number: +91-7710095890 +91-7710095890.

While, Aamir's poster (in which he poses with just a transistor covering his privates) drew immense flak from his fans, it remains to be seen how people would react to Anushka's dare-bare act.

However, it has only being speculated that she would pose with 'just' the transistor and no official confirmation has been made on the matter.

Calling the first poster 'vulgar' and 'obscene', Aamir had to reason with several activists and his fans.

"This is not for publicity, not for us atleast. Infact, this poster embibes all the elements of the film. We are getting a mixed response from the people. But I feel that when they will watch the film, their doubts will get cleared," IANS quoted the actor as saying.