A few days after the video of BJP minister Kusum Medhele kicking a begger child went viral on social media, another leaked video in which a reporter is seen prompting the child to make statements against the minister has started doing the rounds of social media.

After the video hit the cyber space, popular news channel Aaj Tak has been criticised by social media users, as the reporter with the channel's mic apparently asks the boy to demand compensation for his education from the minister who kicked him. 

Since the incident gained notoreity online,  Rahul Kanwal, the managing editor of India Today and Aaj Tak, came forward with an official statement claiming the person seen in the video was not their reporter or stringer.

"The person seen in this footage holding our mike ID is neither an Aaj Tak reporter nor our stringer. The stringer acted out of his brief by involving his son in recording the clip in question. Aaj Tak also wants to make clear that since the said clip did not meet our standards of due diligence, it was not aired on the channel. The contract of the stringer, Ravindra Vyas, has been terminated with immediate effect. AajTak firmly believes in setting the highest standards of work ethic for its employees and even non-employee associates like stringers," says the official statement.

Therefore, it is understood that the man seen in the video is likely the son of the channel's stringer Ravindra Vyas, who is now terminated by the company for not meeting the standards of the channel.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page of Ravindra shows he is working as a journalist with TV Today since 2000.

Watch the video below:

Watch the video in which the child is kicked by the minister below: