Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in Thor
Natalie Portman, the ‘Black Swan’ actress claims that slapping actor Chris Hemsworth in the second instalment of the Marvel movie ‘Thor: The Dark World’ was very satisfying and the smack-on-the-face was dedicated to all her single friends who had suffered heartbreak!discutivo / Flickr

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman claimed that slapping Chris Hemsworth in the second installment of the Marvel film "Thor: The Dark World" was very satisfying, adding that the smack-on-the-face was dedicated to all her single friends who had suffered heartbreak.

In a recent interview with E! Online, the "Black Swan" star confessed, "I found it very satisfying. I think it's behalf of all my girlfriends who had guys that didn't call them back or disappeared or just fell off the face of the earth."

However, Portman needed some help with the height. Hemsworth is quite a tall man at six feet and three inches, while Portman is a little over five feet.

So how did she manage to plant a full-hand whack on his face?

"There were sort of like secret boxes or ramps or something that they would sneak in there so I could be closer to him, otherwise there would be no way I could hit his face if I tried. I'd be like jumping and trying to reach his cheek," she said.

Did the slap hurt? Well, the buff Thor reportedly said it didn't sting too much. "It just got really funny and ridiculous you know. It's like in high school when you're not meant to laugh," he told Associated Press.

While Hemsworth talked about how Portman had to walk up a ramp and slap him several times to get the shot right, Tom Hiddleson (Loki) said it was 'enormous fun' to be slapped by her, reported E!News.

Fun or not, heartbroken single ladies should definitely be thanking Portman for this caring gesture!

Catch the full interview here.

The cast of "Thor: The Dark World" attended the worldwide premiere in London on Tuesday. The stars glammed up for the occasion with Portman waltzing on the red carpet in a long silver Christian Dior skirt. Her feet weren't even visible, reported The Mirror.

Leading man Chris Hemsworth wore a dark brown suit and Tom Hiddleson looked handsome in a black tuxedo.

Check out the pictures of the premiere here.

"Thor: The Dark World" will hit theatres worldwide on 8 November. Check out the trailer of the film below: