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Beyoncé makes music with Cara Delevingne, Kanye West goes to Oxford and Dakota Johnson gets into hot water.

Beyoncé may collaborate with Cara Delevingne

It looks like supermodel Cara Delevingne and Beyoncé may have a collaboration up their sleeves.

Over the weekend, the Queen of the catwalk and Queen Bey almost broke the internet when they posted these near identical images on Instagram.

Call it a coincidence but that audio mixer looks awfully familiar. As you would expect the Beyhive went nuts and talk of a duet exploded in the Twittersphere.

Although the cheeky duo didnt offer any caption or explanation we do think that they are working on something pretty big.

If you are wondering how they even teamed up in the first place heres the lowdown. According to reports, the stars were introduced by Caras BFF Rihanna, who is the protégé of Beyoncés husband Jay-Z.

Delevingne is trying to launch her music career so what better way than teaming up with music loyalty?

Kanye West speaks at Oxford University

Kanye West has taken time out from interrupting acceptance speeches to impart some words of wisdom unto students at Oxford University.

The US rapper made a surprise visit to the University on Monday (2 March) where he discussed art, philosophy and politics with 350 students.

Kim Kardashians hubby also compared himself to Picasso and talked of his close personal relationships with Elon Musk and President Barack Obama, who frequently calls him on home phone.

Considering he just released his new single, All Day, he didnt really say much about music.

Dakota Johnson caught up in SNL Isis skit

And finally Dakota Johnson may want to stick to playing Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The Hollywood actress provoked outrage after mocking Islamic State (Isis) in a skit on Saturday Night Live.

The spoof video was basically a parody of a Toyota advert called My Bold Dad where a father breaks down as he says goodbye to his daughter at the airport before she joins the US Army. But in Johnsons version shes joining the Islamic terrorist group.

When her dad tells the IS recruiter to take good care of her he replies: Death to America.

Once it was posted online there was much controversy. Apparently the joke wasnt very funny.

Some critics claimed that the sketch was particularly insensitive considering three British girls and four from Canada are suspected to have recently run away from home to become jihadi brides.