Pooja Misrra
"Bigg Boss-5" inmate Pooja Misrra.Official site Bigg Boss-5

The second victim of the reality television show "Bigg Boss 5", Gulabo Sapera has, apparently, revealed some interesting anecdotes about the quirkier aspects of Pooja Missra, her former competitor.

Sapera, a Rajasthani folk dancer, who was evicted on Saturday night, claims that Pooja is "the most hated inmate", according to a report on Zee News. Also on the report, and according to Sapera, Pooja often steals incense sticks to "get high".

"Pooja would often ask me for incense sticks which I never refused until I got to know what she is addicted to getting high on eating incense sticks," said Sapera, 45, who adds that her doubts were confirmed when she saw Pooja taking a lit incense stick into the restroom, every time.

"Honestly, I couldn't believe when I saw her taking a lit incense stick to the washroom. What on earth will people do with a lit stick in the washroom? I'm sure she would either eat the remains or snort it because after that she would be a totally changed person. Pooja is such an addict that she has even stolen those sticks from the packet I had," reveals Sapera.

The eliminated Sapera also added that Pooja was a chain smoker who behaved differently after smoking for hours together.

"While, among the other inmates who smoked - Shakti Kapoor and Shonali Nagrani looks calm and somewhat happy, Pooja would smoke for hours and would only get hostile and destructive," she added.

Also according to Sapera, a disagreement between Pooja, 27, and Shonali was so intense that the other inmates actually hid all knives and sharp objects.

Sapera, who feels that she would have played the game differently and maybe stayed in the game longer, is happy despite the eviction. The mother of 5 children, Sapera hoped that her appearance on "Big Boss 5" would highlight the condition of other women in her clan - Kalbelia.

There are thirteen inmates remaining in the "Big Boss 5" house, following the eviction of Sapera.