Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai said in a press conference held to mark the end of pilot implementation of the odd-even rule that 9,146 fines had been levied till Friday throughout the 15-day implementation period in Delhi, adding that the number would increase by the end of the day. 

He added: "At least 20-25% drop in pollution levels has been noted."

Rai, quoting a Centre for Science and Environment report, said the level of PM 2.5 — tiny particles or droplets in the air that are less than two and one half microns in width â€” was above 400. However, if not for the odd-even rule, it would have been above 600.

While 2,889 of the 9,146 fines on erring vehicles during the odd-even rule implementation period had been levied by the traffic police, 6,255 had been levied by the Transport Department.

The helpline created to deal with non-compliant autorickshaw drivers registered 917 complaints about them. At least 40,000 people downloaded the Pucho app, launched by the Delhi government, and around 4,500 downloaded the carpooling app over the 15 days. 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal put the credit of the success of the odd-even rule on Delhi residents in the press conference on Friday, and said they have set an example for the whole world. He asked the people to continue the rule voluntarily.

Roads had become empty during the implementation of the odd-even rule and travel time was reduced, said the Delhi chief minister. Around 53 lakh people used public buses during the 15-day scheme, as opposed to 47 lakh earlier.

Kejriwal, in his address, said people followed the rule — even though it was stringent — because they understood it and not because of the Rs 2,000 fine.

He also thanked the various authorities involved in implementing the rule, including the judiciary, the police, the volunteers and the Metro Corporation.

"Even though the high court and Supreme Court judges were exempted from the rule, they walked and car-pooled to get to work, which set an example for the people," said Kejriwal.

An event will be held at Chhatrasal Stadium at 3 pm on 18 January to thank the people of Delhi for the scheme's implementation.