Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga

Get those emergency contacts on speed-dial for impending pop music panic: Lady Gaga has filmed a music video for Chromatica track "911."

In an interview with Billboard, Gaga said a visual for the song was shot in August and that she felt more alive when filming it than at any other point during the making of Chromatica.

'911 is coming'

911, which Gaga co-wrote with Bloodpop, Justin Tranter and Madeon, is about the battle between mind and body, with 911 referencing her antipsychotic medication, olanzapine.

"Freedom for me is when I can go to the darkest part of my heart, visit things that are hard and then leave them behind," she said of the song.

"Give them to the world, and spin all the pain into a puddle of gold," Gaga added.

She didn't give too many details about what the video will be about, but she did elaborate on the song's important meaning — about antipsychotic medication — and its difference from other pop songs that don't have much to say. "I mean, that's poetry!" she says. "That's not, like, 'I'm in the club, there's lots of bottles/ I'll have another, then bring the models.'"

She also explained that she hasn't started planning for the Chromatica Ball — the massive album-supporting tour that's been rescheduled for 2021 — for good reason. "I'm going to learn so much from now until the day somebody tells me you can effectively social distance at a stadium," she says.

"When that day comes, I'm going to build a show that's tailor-made with kindness," she continues. "I've been through enough to tell you that even though we can't go onstage now, I know we will. It's painful, and it's hard and scary, but I promise we won't be six feet apart forever."

Lady Gaga

Fans had begun to speculate following Gaga's showstopping performance at the MTV Video Music Awards where she performed a medley of songs from her latest studio album Chromatica and sang tracks of "911 is coming" with backup dancers around her, wearing an electric green two-piece bodysuit and a face mask.

"Please patch the line,

Please patch the line, Need a 911,

Can you patch the line?

Please patch the line,

Please patch the line, Need a 911,

Can you patch the line?"

Four songs from Gaga's Chromatica album have so far reached the UK Top 40: Stupid Love (5), Rain On Me (1), Sour Candy (with Blackpink, 17) and Alice (29).