Video of a nine-year-old shooting an AK 47 has sparked concerns in Saudi Arabia.
Representational Image: Video of a nine-year-old shooting an AK 47 has sparked concerns in Saudi Arabia.Youtube/عاجل الإلكترونية

Less than two days after the video of a young girl firing with her Kalashnikov rifle in Saudi Arabia was posted on social media, a similar video has surfaced online sparking concerns.

In the last video, the girl reportedly showed support for Operation Decisive Storm, the military operations in Yemen. The new video, however, is only four seconds long and shows a nine-year-old girl holding a Kalashnikov, shouting out that she is Nasser's daughter and then firing in the air, reports Gulf News.

The video has, understandably, sparked outrage in Saudi Arabia among general public and online bloggers, many of whom have sought stringent legal action against the child's reckless parents.

There are also fears that the videos may lead to a wave of imitations and put many innocent lives at risk. "This is outrageous and I wonder what is happening," a blogger, Humble, posted according to the report. "Such young children cannot handle guns and are a real threat to themselves and to the people around them. Parents should simply be put in jail."

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: Youtube/عاجل الإلكترونية

"One slight mistake and Nasser's family will go through a tragedy," wrote another blogger who goes by the name of Arab, says the report. "The father should be locked away until he comes to his senses."

These videos are not the only place that guns are put to lavish use by citizens of Saudi Arabia.
Shooting rounds of bullets at weddings and birthday celebrations are a common practice in the country.

Earlier this week, a wedding celebration in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, almost turned into a tragedy after the groom's brother lost control of his Kalashnikov rifle.

Shocked guests at the wedding ran for cover when he lost control of the rifle while firing celebratory shots and ended up spraying bullets randomly across the area. The video, captured on a cellphone, went viral after it was uploaded on YouTube.

The Saudi government has been making attempts to discourage the tradition and use of firearms by assigning policemen to monitor palaces, wedding halls and other places at risk. Citizens have also been warned of strict punishments in case someone breaks the law.