Life is all about taking chances and learning from mistakes. So, try to live your life with no regrets because regret is one of the worst things that can sneak up on you. 

                                                                                                                                                                               creative commons
  • Caring too much about what other people think

Being a social animal, it is good to care about what others think of you. However, it makes sense only to an extent and going all the way to change yourself for others is pointless. So, if you are one of those people who constantly worry about what others think, you are definitely going to regret.

  • Not saying "No"

"No" is a powerful word, which is as important as yes is. Some people are scared to say no because they think that it may disappoint the other. However, its good to say no once in a while for one's own good. Saying no is not rejection but is about respecting yourself and your priorities in life.

  • Not spending enough time with loved ones

It is a blessing if you have a chance to spend quality time with your family and friends. Life passes by too quickly to ignore opportunities to connect with your loved ones.

  • Holding grudge against someone 

Grudges are a waste of time and can never make one happy. People are bound to have misunderstandings. But what matters is how they fix the problems and and let it go instead of holding negetive feelings against someone for years. 

  • Being with others to fulfil their dreams but not for yourself

There are people who live for others, sacrificing one's own dreams and passion and forgetting oneself. It is not something wrong if you help others to fulfil their dreams but it is more important to live your life to its fullest, achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. So, stand up for yourself and its probably time to stop bending over backwards for someone else. 

  • Not taking risks in life

There can be no gain without pain. Be positive, creative and push yourself to take up challenges. It is absolutely necessary to take risks in your life to achieve something great which you can be proud of, later. Taking risks can make your career more rewarding and life more exciting.

  • Not spending enough time with your children

If you have an opportunity to spend time with your children and play with them, do it now because it matters in life. You won't realise how soon they grow up and get busy in their own lives. The time you spend with them now, is precious and invaluable. It is a chance for you to make your children feel better and secure by building a close relationship with them.

  •  Not accomplishing your goal

Set your goal, move optimistically, work hard and let nothing hold you back. Don't hesitate to make decisions at the right time. Don't fail to finish what you have started. Yes, it is time for you to dream big and go ahead.

  • Not travelling when you had the chance

Travelling gets tougher as age catches up with you. So, if you have a chance right now, go ahead and do it. Travelling is an incredible time where you can have a lot of experience and moments to cherish.