9 Big Advantages to Have CyanogenMod on your Android Smartphones
9 Big Advantages to Have CyanogenMod on your Android SmartphonesCyanogen

To be specific, CyanogenMod is an Android Mobile Operating system-based Open Source Firmware for smartphones and tablet devices. Similar to Google's Android in many aspects, the Cyanogen developed firmware CyanogenMod or CM features numerous strengths over its parent software.

Based on Open Source fundamental, the CM based firmware are open to developers to scrutinize the source code, hence developers are allowed to fix bugs, patch security holes and add new features and translate into new language which comes added with the next version of the CM OS. Apart from these there are several major advantages of having or installing CM based Android operating system on your smartphone and tablets.

Smartphones like OnePlus One, Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+, Micromax Yu Yureka and many others comes with pre-installed CM operating system. If you own some other models of smartphones or tablets you can install CyanogenMod OS on your system. We'll tell you how to install the OS in some other articles. Meanwhile, let us tell you some key advantages of CM. Here they are.

Latest Android Edition

Cyanogen always makes sure to provide you the latest update of the operating system hence if there is some glitch on the current CM, they always make sure to fix it in the next edition. On top of that, Cyanogen garnishes it with some real utility apps. With a simple to use interface, the CM also consumes less system memory as possible, thus lets your smartphone deliver the best possible hardware performance.

The OS also provides OTA (Over the Air) update to the users, so you don't need any computer system to upgrade your operating system. Recently Cyanogen announced the roll out of the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop based CM12 update which will be available for download by the end of this month.

Stock Android Experience

Major Android Smartphone manufacturers like Smasung, HTC, Xiaomi, Huawei and others overlays a custom interface on the top of Stock Android. The interface gets mostly developed by the manufacturers themselves and looks really impressive but on the other hand the animations and icon packs consume a lot of system memory. On the other hand Google's stock interface featured in Nexus based smartphones are simple and less cluttered hence becomes easier and much comfortable to use.

No Bloatware

Major Android smartphone manufacturer's offers number of utility apps which might not be beneficial to few consumers but on the other hand they might not be required for few. Whether the apps are useful or not, you are compelled to keep them installed on the phone as because there is no option left to uninstall them. If you actually want to get a system clean of all bloatware so that you can install apps as per your requirement, install CyanogenMod.

Privacy Guard Feature of CyanogenMod
Privacy Guard Feature of CyanogenModIBTimes India

Privacy Guard

Let's dive into the CM's core features. The CyanogenMod offers you to control the permission each app requires. Though the term sounds much geeky, you can easily control the permission each app requires e.g. which app would be allowed to access your current location, system data, contacts, camera etc.

Cyanogen Themes

CM allows you to customize your smartphones look inside out. You can actually pick fonts, sound, boot animation, icon and the entire themes. And for customising all this you don't need to be geeky enough. Just sign up for a Cyanogen account and download theme pack, style, icon pack and so on.

Interface Customisation

The CyanogenMod allows users to customise every bit of the interface. You can actually tweak the quick bar settings, notification, app drawer, status bar and the navigation bar. For example you can change the boring battery notification from circle to text or icon portrait or just hide it completely.

Control the display brightness just by swiping on the status bar hence can adjust the screen brightness in a while according to your comfort.

Sound Tweaking options of CyanogenMod
Sound Tweaking options of CyanogenModIBTimes India

Sound Tweaks

A big reason for music lovers to have CM on their devices is FLAC support. Now several smartphone manufacturers including Samsung supports FLAC file formats on few selective models. But advantage of CM is it features a utility manager to control the sound as you want to. The DSP manager or AudioFX app offers you to control the equalizer with numerous presets, enable bass boost and many more to enhance your listening experience to a different standard.


For added privacy for your device, CM features a profile option where you can set different access to different profiles. For example you can set your mobile data to disabled to work profile so that it will automatically disable the mobile data network and turn on the WiFi to work. To access this feature go to Settings>>Profiles.


In CyanogenMod you can control each buttons and assign them the task you want them to execute. For instance, you can assign long press on volume up button to move forward to next song and volume down to play the previous song.