Tandem jumping in CaliforniaFlickr

An 81-year-old woman from China proved that no one is too old to try out something new and one is as old as he/she feels.

Min Deyu, who hails from Hubei in China, had recently gone to visit her son in Australia. There she tried skydiving and completely "fell in love" with the sport.

At that age, most people try to avoid even getting into a plane; but this grandmother couldn't wait to jump off it. During her stint with skydiving, she jumped from an aircraft 12,000 feet above the ground.

"What's the big deal, I'm jumping," she told the Xinhuanet News Agency reporter.

When she was visiting her son in Victoria's Yarra Valley, something caught her attention. It was an advertisement with the caption: "Skydive The Beach and Beyond".

Min Xiong Jianping Deyu, who is known for her young-at-heart approach to life, soon passed all the health checks and was strapped to a staff member for the dive.

"There is no training, the staff just told me some action essentials and precautions," Min Deyu said, Daily Mail reports.

She was calm during the 60-second dive and was thoroughly enjoying it as she gave a thumbs up to her fans on the ground.

The grandmother said that she had "fallen in love with parachuting", to the Chinese media.

Even though her move is an inspiration to everyone, she cannot claim the title of the world's oldest female skydiver. The title has already been claimed by Aida Mendes, a 103-year-old woman from Brazil who completed a tandem jump in August, last year. After the jump, the very daring Mendes said: "In life you have to be brave, courage is always useful."

After her photos were posted online, she became an Internet hit.