Suhas Tejaskanda
Suhas Tejaskanda

Suhas Tejaskanda, 24 years old Gentleman scientist and entrepreneur was so ambitious about joining our Armed forces and serving the country. Since childhood he was a social activist and fought against corruption many times. He completed his graduation in Electronics and communication Engineering from VIT University, vellore. He joined Naval wing NCC in 8th standard and won awards for ship modelling and firing. During his college days he served as a senior Company Under officer, in Army division and also won a gold medal in firing .He was so passionate about joining the armed forces that he gave 8 serious attempts. After 2 years of unsuccessful attempts he had an immense pressure on him from society . He was branded as a failure and jobless .His social works were deeply criticized. He still didn't want to give up.At times when he used to feel low he practiced Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and show the anger on punching bags to get over that pain of rejection. He realized that our former president Mr. APJ Abdul kalam was also rejected by Indian ARMY and today our armed forces are nothing without Missile man's contribution. He took him as an inspiration and focused on serving the country in a bigger scale.

He focused on what he could do for Indian army. He has gone through "The compendium of problem Statements" by Indian army design bureau and identified the technical requirements by Indian army in Surveillance sector. He developed a new Un-attended Battlefield surveillance system and 4 level security framework for our beloved Indian Army.This system can be lifesaver to our soldiers along the border.The system detects the infiltrator and sends the information to the Base station using his new protocol called "Suhas protocol" (Patent filed and confildential ).America and Israel are also researching on it. He is keen on developing this under "Make in India " umbrella and add new wings to our Defence system.

He scaled up his research to a next level has three Patent filings.He is the first person in India to make Niyantra programmable board (an Indian programmable board) and hold intellectual property rights under Semi Conductors and Integrated circuits(Patent Pending). He is now the founder and CEO of SUTE technologies Pvt Ltd and Comfytronics Pvt Ltd . He has a patent filing on "intelligent Toilet" and launched Completely touchless toilets to reduce the diseases from faecal matter and decrease the mortality rate. Interestingly software giant, Bill Gates is also working on the sanitation and hygiene sector.

From being labelled as a failure he reached to working on Billion dollar projects. In our interview with Suhas Tejasknda ,he also expressed his intentions to join politics and serve the country.

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