New In-Game Secrets You Might Miss Out in GTA 5
New In-Game Secrets You Might Miss Out in GTA 5.

New secrets of the record breaking open-world game title Grand Theft Auto 5 are being revealed almost every day. Some of the fans who have wandered enough in the game, might be familiar to these secrets. But now 8 new secrets have been found in the game, which are likely to go unnoticed as many players are yet to finish the missions in the game.

Following are the secrets in the game, which includes content from its previous iteration, other games and movies, according to IGN.

CJ Found in GTA 5: It has been noted that during the mission "Hood Safari" in GTA 5 single-player game, the player goes to Groove Street, one of the key places in GTA San Andreas. On the way to Grove Street, one can see characters on bikes which look like CJ and Big Smoke.

Michael or Max Payne: In sub-urban clothing store, where Michael is the playing character, one can make him wear a Hawaiian shirt, make him bald, and add a full beard and aviator shades to his face. After the character modifications, one can notice the character resembles closely to Max Payne from Max Payne 3.

Scene Enacted from No Country for Old Men: In the inner state on the North Western point of the map, one can experience a scene re-enacted from the movie No Country for Old Men. The character can also find free cash on the location.

PlayBoy Mansion: A location right outside the Los Santos City in the North-Western side of the map, one can find a place, which closely resembles the Playboy mansion with topless women.

Red Dead Redemption and GTA 5: One of the popular characters from another Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption named John Marston can be found as one of the options to become the player's father in GTA Online.

Halo Parody: One can see a street performer dressed as the Master Chief from the Halo game outside the Oriental Movie Theatre entertaining the public.

Two Additional UFOs Spotted: Two additional UFOs can be seen after the game has been completed. One of the UFO is seen near the Sandy Shores and the second can be seen above fort Sancudo, apart from the two other UFOs that the fans know about (Underwater and Mount Chiliad).

Hidden Info in Special Edition GTA 5: The special Edition of GTA 5 comes with a map, which has a bunch of information hidden in it. The info can be seen only when black light is thrown on the map.