The latest craze towards Android and iPad is going upstream as many cool apps are literally providing the much needed attention to these devices.

Reportedly there are more than 140,000 apps specifically designed for Apple iPad which can be found in App Store. Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned at the WWDC 2012 that there were more than 650,000 available apps to download for iPhone and iPad.

When it comes to Android app store known as Google Play, there are more than 5,00,000 apps available for download.

There are so many apps that crowd both Android and Apple iOS Platforms. Here is a look at the 10 coolest apps that can surprise you.

1) Google Goggles: Google Goggles is a downloadable image recognition application. It is used for searches based on pictures taken by handheld devices. Using the image recognition technology to when picture of a famous landmark is shot through your device, it returns relevant search results. The app can turn your tablet, be on-the-road search engine. Also, taking a picture of a product's barcode will search for information on the product.

2) HootSuite: It is one of the coolest apps created for social network enthusiasts. The system's user interface takes the form of a dashboard which allows you to have all your social networks in the same view, with the ability to post updates in one hit. HootSuite app handles Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Mixi, MySpace,, and WordPress. It supports multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts. Moreover, additional integrations are available via HootSuite's App Directory which includes support for Tumblr, Trendspottr, Constant Contact. Digg, Flickr, Get Satisfaction, InboxQ, and YouTube.

3) Beat The Traffic: This is a must have app for anyone who commutes. Being stuck in a traffic jam is one of the most annoying experience for anyone. However, Beat The Traffic promises to become your saviour as it acts as real-time pocket-size travel report.

The app provides most accurate traffic map available to date with real-time information including average speeds, incidents and roadworks near you. Also the users can save their daily routes with the exact door-to-door addresses. Beat the Traffic helps you create your own personalized routes and see traffic speeds, incidents, cameras, even weather along the exact route you plan to drive.

4) Foursquare: Explore the world around you with the help of Foursquare app. The users can tell their friends where they are located, share pictures, get comments etc. while getting recommendations for where to go and what to get, based on what you and your friends like.

As of April 2012, the company reported it had 20 million registered users. And 50 percent of users are outside the US. French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese support was added in February 2011. Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Thai support was added in September 2011 and Turkish was added in June 2012.

5) Mougg: Mougg helps in putting your music in the cloud, so you can listen from any computer or device. Never lose music collections again. The users can access their entire music library from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Once you have a song in your Mougg Library it is instantly accessible anywhere in the world on any device including any browser.

6) Transparent Screen: This is one of the coolest app out there. Make the Android or iPad device screen look transparent. Transparent Screen gives you the opportunity to use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on the entire screen.

Also, the transparent screen makes apps go transparent and overlays them on the camera feed, so you can see the dangers ahead.

7) Double Twist with AirSync (Android Only) :Android users who are music freak will enjoy this app. The app allows syncing music between computer and table similar to what iOS users can do with their devices and iTunes. Its simple UI makes transferring music effortless and the AirSync feature means you don't need to hook a LAN cable up.

8) ShowYou (iPad only): The app brings in popular videos shared by you or your friends. And you can talk about your favourite videos with your friends. You can customize the grid by inviting your friends, connecting to social networks and follow other ShowYou members.