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After all the fighting for Gay rights, Facebook conducted a survey and found out that 70 percent of Facebook users in USA have at least one person who identifies as gay or lesbian or a bisexual friend on their friend list, reported Wall Street Journal.

This statistic shows that Americans are now comfortable with the fact that some people prefer partners of the same gender.

Facebook conducted this survey on the basis of profile details of members and has tried to portray that there has been a cultural shift in America. On the other hand, the survey results might not be accurate as there are chances of few Americans not having Facebook accounts.

Even if a person had added a gay, lesbian or bisexual person on their Facebook fiend list it does not mean that they will be supporting gay marriages. The other disadvantage of this statistics is that it involves only those people who actually mention their preferences on a Facebook profile.

But, there is a possibility that there are a lot of users who do not specify their preference on the profile, but might have a lot of friends added to their lists.

Hence, in real there will be more than 70 percent of people who have gay friends on their list.

This survey may not be accurate but it is very much similar to a Pew survey that was released in June which said that 87 percent of Americans now know someone who is gay, lesbian or bisexual, which was just 61 percent in 1993.

It also said that 49 percent of people have close friends or family members who are gay.

Wall Street Journal also conducted a survey in 2012 which resulted that 65 percent "know or work with someone who is gay."