There are many predictions being poured out based on the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 4S.

In fact, iPhone 4S and Samsung GalaxY S3 are both powerful smartphones with its unique advantages and disadvantages. Many reviewers graded Galaxy S3 above Apple iPhone 4S. However, Apple iPhone 4S holds it own stand with some features that are superior to that of Samsung's latest flagship phone.

Apple always has the best design for its iPhones and many vendors tried to immitate its design, forcing it to sue so that no one replicate it. With the appalling antenna issue ironed out compared to the its predecessor, the new iPhone 4S is good in terms of design. Apple iPhone perhaps has the best design for a smarpthone in the market today.

Some feel Samsung Galaxy S2 design is better than Galaxy S3's. Also the texture determines the feel of a smartphone while holding.The 4.8-inch is too big compared to the 4.3-inch ideally considered good for a smartphone. However, credit must be given for the thinness and light weight feature of Galaxy S3. The latest report of Galaxy S3 exploding in a car has not gone down well among the fans although Samsung is investigating on the incident. Many feel Apple iPhone 4S design is better than the rounded look of Galaxy S3.

The iOS operating system is simple to use and very user-friendly while Android is a far less user-friendly OS but geeks really enjoy the Android OS as it excels with customisation options which iOS doesn't offer. It is not everyday that common users can update the pace at which mobile operating systems gets advanced each passing day.

Almost every mundane task done on iPhone is smooth. The responsive UI without any lag at all, is the most amazing feature of the phone. Surely the eco-system of Apple with its own OS and hardware has made the huge difference beating all the others. Android OS has the major task of going through different hardware manufacturers and compatibility options. It takes a while for that smooth interface option to work well but is still plagued by lags when compared to iOS. The multi-touch issues and rotation lag has plagued certain major Android devices, one such in the list is Galaxy Nexus. Considering the 3GS, users will be pleasantly surprised as the OS glides through most tasks the way a user expects.

The Siri from Apple is way superior to S-voice found in Galaxy S3. The S-Voice is in its initial stage whereas Apple is bringing out better improved features of Siri in iOS 6. Siri interprets commands without much repetition whereas S-Voice struggles more than Siri to filter out sound, according to live test done by CNET ( It's basically a comparison for accuracy only and not how long it took to complete the action. CNET UK and CNET Asia has slammed S-Voice even before the arrival of Galaxy S3 in US.

Moreover, Siri can be launched in 2.8 seconds from the lockscreen compared to S-Voice which has a start-up time of 3.3 seconds. And Apple's voice assistant has an average response time of 5.6 seconds compared to S-Voice's 7.9 seconds.

Direct Updates From OS Manufacturer:
Apple iPhone 4S renders direct updates from its OS vendor while Android phones generally have to wait until the manufacturer or network provider releases an update.

More Apps Support:
There is no beating Apple when it comes to Apps. App store has 6,50,000 compared to Android's 5,00,000 apps. Also Android apps, which are made similar to that of iOS apps, look pale as certain gaming apps offer Xbox 360 like initiative.

Dedicated Virtual Camera Button:
Apple iPhone 4S has a dedicated virtual camera button which can be accessed through home screen allowing users to take snapshots easily. Samsung Galaxy S3 lacks this feature. Moreover Apple iPhone 4S camera is reviewed around the tech world as better than that of Galaxy S2. The new Galaxy S3 has more or less same features offered by Galaxy S2.

Faster Uploads:
Apple iPhone 4S also enjoys appreciably faster uploads, that is 5.67 MB per second compared to Galaxy S3's 3 MB per second speed.