The latest buzz on Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, the best-selling smartphone at Verizon in the US is making its way to Indian shores on June 24.

Motorola's latest offing is priced at Rs 31,999. The smartphone is adorned with beautiful Super AMOLED screen for that crispier clarity and sharp reading. Some reviewers have compared this screen to in Razr Maxx to that of Samsung Droid Nexus and iPhone 4S. The screen is beautiful to look at and goes easy on the eyes.

It has a very good camera allowing users to take amazing photos both close-up and far away. One of the best parts about its camera is that it has no shutter lag, that means when you press the snap button, there is no need to hold the phone steady as you wait for it to capture the photo. The phone is taken immediately.

With "Smart Actions", one of best software introduced by Motorola, allows users to programme Droid Razr Maxx to automatically change settings or launch apps. The big game advantage of the new software is that users can set the phone to automatically enter vibrate mode while arriving at work address and makes all text messages and email notifications quiet during sleeping hours. And more importantly the phone automatically turns off sync and puts screen dimmer as battery reaches below 25 percent.

Also the handset comes pre-installed with Swype keyboard, the fastest keyboard to use, and faster than iPhone and other keyboards on the market.

The basic specifications of the phone reads as 4.3-inch 540 x 960 pixels screen, weighs 145 g, 8 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, microSD support up to 32 GB, 16 GB card included, 8-megapixel camera able to capture video at 1080p, 3.5mm jack, Android OS v2.3.6 (Gingerbread) upgradable to v4.0, dual core TI OMAP 4430 1.2 GHz speed powered by PowerVR SGX540 GPU, Adobe Flash support, HDMI and non removable Li-Ion 3300 mAh battery.

All these features make this device a superphone indeed but here is a look at certain features Droid Razr Maxx holds against Samsung Galaxy S3.

More Battery Power:
Motorola Droid Razr Maxx has 3,300mAh battery which is 1.6 times the battery power of Samsung Galaxy S3 which comes with 2,100mAh battery.

The best part about Razr Maxx is its battery which can last 21 hours 30 minutes. In fact certain tests on Razr Maxx have shown that when a video is played continuously for hours together without stop, the battery lasts more than 16 hours. And with Smart Actions turned on the users can save even more battery power. Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand gives a talktime up to 11 hours 40 minutes.

Faster Uploads:
When it comes to upload speed Razr Maxx supports 3.1 MB per second compared to the Galaxy S3 which gives 3 MB per second.

USB Mass Storage Support:
Motorola's handset has USB mass storage support wherein it can transfer files, music, photos through USB with installing additional software. A similar feature is not found in Galaxy S3.

Dustproof and Water resistant:
The Motorola device is covered against dust (IP6x) and immersion down to 1m (IPx7). However Samsung's handset does not have this feature.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has 136.6mm tall whereas Razr Maxx is 5.9mm shorter at 130.7mm.

No Pixel Sharing in Screen:
One some displays, specifically AMOLED, two pixel share one subpixel like green. However screens that do not share are crisper. In this case Galaxy S3's two pixels share with one subpixel whereas Razr Maxx doesn't.

Word Warp in Browser:
The browser in Motorola Droid Razr Maxx has automatic word wrap which while zooming allows users to easily read long lines without scrolling horizontally. There is no such support in Galaxy S3.