Oregon Plane Crash Kills Four
Four people died Saturday when a small plane (not the one photographed here) crashed shortly after taking off from a private runway in a heavily-forested area of the Pacific Northwestern state west of the town of Eugene.IBNS

At least 13 passengers, including seven Indians, were killed when a plane carrying 21 on board, crashed in Nepal's northern Himalayan mountain region on Monday morning.

The Dornier aircraft which was heading to Jomsom from Pokhara crashed while trying to land at the Jomsom Airport, which is at a very high altitude (8,800 feet) and a gateway to a popular tourist trekking and pilgrimage destination visited by Hindus.

According to reports, as many as eight survivors including four Indians and three crew members have been rescued alive.

Four survivors who were in a critical condition were flown by helicopter to the nearby city of Pokhara for treatment, Associated Press quoted Laxmi Raj Sharma, the chief government administrator of the area, as saying.

The plane was said to be 12 years old and only the most experienced pilots fly that sector.

The aircraft was found in pieces but did not catch fire. It belongs to the local airline company Agri Air.

(With inputs from IBNS)