The discovery of honey presumably is older than the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations. Originated from a German word 'honeg', honey was the oldest and most widespread sweetener in ancient history. While its benefits  are often questioned, raw and organic honey has delicious array of healthy benefits.

  • Consuming 1-2 tbsp of honey in warm water daily improves the immune system. The natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes in it protect the body from cold and flu, keeping congestion at bay and boosting the immune system.
  • Honey is a healthy option for type-2 diabetic patients, who need to consume sugar in moderation for the production of insulin, without misbalancing the blood sugar and insulin level in the body.
  • Mixing 1-2 tbsp of honey with 1/3rd tsp of cinnamon in warm water invigorates the cardiovascular system, reducing the cholesterol in the blood and the risk of heart attacks.
  • The natural sugars in honey make it a 'high energy' drink. History has witnessed that the Olympic marathon runners restored and maintained their energy with honey. Consuming honey is the best way to fight fatigue than reaching out for sugar products and caffeine. For many with a sweet tooth, it curbs the craving for anything sweet like chocolate and desserts.
  • Honey relives one from acidity and improves digestion. Its antibiotic properties neutralize gas in the stomach. Consuming honey with lemon, in warm water after overeating, is an ultimate solution for revitalizing the digestive system.
  • Honey with lemon also constitutes to cleansing the liver, detoxifying the body and helping lose fat. Consuming 1-2 tbsp of honey with a lemon's juice, in warm water daily on an empty stomach, is one of the key tips shared by most dieticians or nutritionists.
  • Its antiseptic properties also help relieve dryness. Honey is often used as an absolutely divine skincare product. Massaging with honey leaves the skin supple, nourished and glowing. Although it does not cure skin conditions like eczema, it reduces inflammation and itchiness.

Honey heals the body  from inside and out.  It is one of the natural and powerful ways of protecting the body. As Hippocrates had correctly said ''Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.''