Fear is an emotion that is experienced by all human beings. While some fear death, uncertainity, rejection and pain, others fear things like darkness, strangers, heights, animals and many more. Here is a list of fears that most of us deal with our in our day to day lives:

  • Death: Though death is an inevitable phenomenon, it is considered to be one of the things people fear the most. It is connected to the fear of unknown. The thought of endless state of nothingness is said to be one of the main reasons of fear of death.
  • Rejection: It is hard to handle the pain of rejection. It can hold us back in life and generate the feeling of insecurity. It is a social fear that makes people follow the acts of others in order to help themselves to adjust with rejection. Fear of rejection may affect one's ability to succeed in personal and professional lives.
  • Failure: Being unable to achieve one's desirable goal can crash one's world. The very word brings up fear, pain, shame, stress, sadness and many more emotions in a person. However, failure is a way to learn lessons, which can pave way to success.
  • Darkness is a fear that not only affects children but also adults. It is not really darkness that scares one but what lies inside it. It is our fear of imagined dangers such as figures of ghosts and mystical figures that scare us, which we think, is concealed by darkness.
  • Public: It is not easy to express our feelings and emotions to public. Public speaking or being in public turns out to be a tough task for many. When one lacks the ability to blend in a group is when the problem begins.
  • Heights: It is a natural fear that is experienced by many. People feel a sense of panic when they are at a certain height and become unable to trust their sense of balance. It can also be connected to the fear of flying, for instance, being in an airplane. It can generate an anxiety in many, which causes distress to them.
  • Pain: As people have different levels of strength, many are afraid of physical pain. Fear of pain is considered to be greater than the actual pain. People who fear pain are more likely to suffer it.