Do you like to keep checking Facebook multiple times a day? Can't wait to upload pictures on Instagram? You are not alone.

In a survey conducted by Telenor group recently, 65% of the Indians sampled admitted to being 'internet addicts.'

In an attempt to learn more about internet customers, Telenor had conducted the Internet behavior survey in four South Asian countries— India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

From profanity tolerance level to selfie approvals, respondents replied to what they loved and hated about the internet, a press release by Telenor stated.

"This survey gives us a very stimulating way to look at who are our customers are and their online preferences. It is great to see that 94% of the Indians surveyed say that Internet has improved their lives - the highest percentage among the surveyed nations. As technology evolves, so do our people and our cyber interactions,said Sharad Mehrotra, CEO, Telenor India.

The survey states that Indians agreed that they were Internet addicts. Females are spending more time online than compared to men. Men accessed the internet multiple times for 'outside work purposes,' the press release states.

Among the four countries surveyed, Indians were most annoyed by sympathy seekers, people who posted endless selfies and those spreading online rumours. A majority of people were habitual users of the internet - 'looking but not posting online.' The majority of look-but-not-post engaging behavior was seen in males.

14% of the people surveyed said they indulged in posting food pictures and sending online game invites, Telenor reported. Respondents from all countries admitted to this habit, proving that Asians loved food, it added.

Gender correlations were also studied. Two thirds of the respondents who admitted to posting selfies online were females, the survey said. 

Regarding information on the worst online behaviour,  the survey noted that "83% Indians surveyed believed that social media had improved their interpersonal relations with friends and peers, while 94% Indians said the internet had improved their lives."

"As more people access the internet it will be interesting to see how netiquette evolves, just as the world does. As for selfies and cat pictures - I would not be surprised if the next billion people connected turn out to be more sophisticated than us!" added Karianne Melleby, VP Head of Global Partnerships, Telenor Digital AS said. 

The Norway based Telenor communication company plans to achieve 200 million active internet users by 2017 in India.