Limbo skating
Gagan Satish breaking world limbo skating record.YouTube/ Screenshot

Gagan Satish, 6, has broken the world limbo skating record, by roller skating under 39 parked cars.

The wonder boy from Bangalore, who went under 39 cars in a row parked five inches from the ground, covered a distance of around 230 feet in just 29.8 seconds. He has now broken the record of 157 feet, set by fellow Indian prodigy Shreeya Deshpande two years ago.

Gagan is now India's youngest to stake a claim in the Guinness Book of World Records in limbo skating. His record-breaking stunt has also been recognised by the India Book of Records as the Farthest Distance in Limbo Skating Under Cars.

People, who gathered to see Gagan's record-breaking performance, cheered as he emerged from under the 39th car. The champion's parents were also delighted with their son's victory.

Gagan's father Rajanna Satish, who runs a washing machine service centre, said it was a proud moment for him.

"He used to love skating and used to practice for hours. While doing exercises and skating, we could see that his body was very flexible. After that we decided to send him for a proper limbo skating coaching," Gagan's mother Hema Satish said.

Gagan started roller skating at a tender age. It seems the champion taught himself how to limbo, while roller skating.

"Everybody loves me. After seeing me, my friends also started limbo skating," the champion said. His next goal is to skate under 100 cars.

"When Gagan met me at the age of three-and-a-half years, he was way too young and we rejected him," Gagan's skating coach Yatish Gowda told Barcroft TV.