PlayStation 4

The user interface details and other features of Sony's upcoming console PlayStation 4 has been revealed online, along with some tips and tricks for the console.

At the pre-launch event of PS4 in New York, Sony showcased some of the features which might highly impress the fans. However, some tips and tricks have surfaced online for the console, in order to make the gamers' control on the system much easier and quicker.

Following are the tips which will help gamers:

Double-Tap to Jump to the Last App Used

It has been noted that double-tapping the PS button on the Dualshock 4 controller will take the user directly to the last application used on the console, eliminating the long process of going back on the main screen and again navigating to the particular app.

Can Charge the Controllers with System Powered Off

It has been revealed that users can still charge their controllers via USB, even when the system is switched off. This particular option is said to be switched off by default in the system.

Login with Your Face

For those gamers, who also own a Playstation Eye (camera), there is an option of logging in, via face recognition system. The system would take several snaps of the user's face to identify it. The user would also need to keep the Dualshock 4 controller in the view as security layer.

Customise Audience for Gameplay Shares

The user can now customise the users he or she wants the gameplay snapshots or videos to be shared with.

Motion Control to Type on Screen

Along with the function of using D-Pad for scrolling over letters to type, PS4 includes a new method wherein it lets the users move a target over the on-screen keyboard, via Dualshock 4's motion sensor.

Send Voice Message with Screenshots Attached

PS4 messaging system lets the user send messages to PS3 and PS Vita consoles, along with the screenshots attached. A user can also send voice messages for 15 seconds of duration to another PS4 user, according to Destructoid.