Samsung And BlackBerry Team Up To Enhance Security On Android Phones
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According to a latest Retuers report, Blackberry is about to feature the Android operating system on its upcoming device slide.

Though Blackberry recognised the importance of Android when it released its first and only tablet, Blackberry PlayBook, it kept on moving with its home baked operating system. Since Playbook, Blackberry pre-installs the Amazon app store on every Blackberry device with added Android app compatibility. The Amazon App store provides Android apps, but the Blackberry platform supports limited number of Android apps. Hence, they are never able to take full advantage of Google's operating system.

In recent times, Blackberry has developed several decent smartphones like Passport and Classic but didn't manage to achieve its earlier success. The major reason behind this is that the old school Blackberry fans shifted either to Android or iOS and are a tad sceptical to come back to their old love. And despite offering huge security, utility apps in an intuitive interface, Blackberry OS lacks the pool of Android apps.

But if the rumor of Blackberry shifting to Android comes true, the Canadian smartphone maker might be able to revive its lost glory. Here's why:


The Android is a stable and flexible operating system. Google makes noticeable changes with every new version, still the platform requires more serious and foolproof security system to diminish all its opponents. And if Blackberry enters into the Android arena, they might implement the BES12 security system over Android, which will keep it much ahead than its most potent competitor, including iOS.

More performance

Blackberry is still respected for offering much smoother user experience even after featuring the least hardware configuration. If Blackberry serious steps into the Android world, the company is expected to offer a smoother user experience with the advantage of the latest Android Runtime ART.

More Innovations

Blackberry is quite famous for its innovations with every new smartphone they roll out. For that they have a huge R&D team. Blackberry also has an operating system development team, and expenditure of both the teams compels them to price their device so high.

If Blackberry starts making Android devices, they can easily focus only on R&D and keep making new smartphones, thus they can also reduce its expenses and offer its future smartphones for less.


Blackberry has a lot of patents on smartphones, wearables and other technologies. If the company applies all these on the Android platform they might impress numerous Android fans to go for them, which will for sure ring their revenue box.

Loyal Fanbase

Like Apple, Blackberry used to have a decent number of loyal fans who used to eagerly wait for all its future products. But later, a majority among them either shifted to Android or iOS platforms. If Blackberry comes to Android, they will offer similar flexibility with the security, which will tempt them to come back to their old love.

Vintage Flaunt Value

Even a couple of years ago, Blackberry used to be counted among top smartphone makers besides Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony. If Blackberry features Android in its upcoming Slide device, we are pretty sure that it might regain its lost position.