In a new study reported in Human Brain Mapping, people who smoked had three times greater risk of developing chronic back pain than non-smokers.Pascal Maramis/Flickr

Do you know the top reasons that project women to health risks every day? Lifestyle choices go a long way in determining the health of a person. Health wise, men and women function differently. In the attempt to manage family, profession and home all at the same time, women have the tendency to often ignore their own health.

It is essential that women educate themselves about their bodies and healthy functioning and that they empower themselves with information so that they use it to take necessary steps for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As women get older, their health risks are likely to change. If the factors leading to these risks are identified, they can be minimized or even completely prevented. Find out from the list of top 6 such reasons which one you need to work on and choose to live a healthy life.

Improper Sleep
In comparison to men, there are more chances of women developing sleep issues majorly because their hormone levels fluctuate frequently. Also, the kind of thought process, mental pressure and lifestyle a woman has impacts their sleep pattern leading to disturbed sleep. Since women are more sensitive and emotional than men, it could leave a negative impact on their overall health.

Causes such as pregnancy, family responsibilities, undue stress, menopause, menstruation, etc are often the foremost reasons that cause broken sleep or insomnia in women. In the long term, these factors could establish severe health problems like depression, hypertension, weight issues, migraine or even heart disorders.

Going On a Diet
Trendy diets and nutrition research change on a daily basis. All the hype about low-fat diets, no-carb diets, liquid diets, fruit diets often let us assume that skipping the basic required amount of food is okay. Eating too much or too little can have a long lasting impact. Women spend a large part of their livestrying to lose weightand get into that old dress that once used to fit like a dream.

Immense dieting can often lead to nutritional deficiencies since it increases metabolic stress on the body. It is important to make changes in diet every now and then depending on age, lifestyle, etc but it doesn't need to reach a point where you start obsessing about every single calorie intake. Switching between diets can also affect intestinal health drastically. Don't let the fad diets influence what you eat. Take charge of your health and make smart decisions.

Inadequate Exercise
Does it really matter how often you work out? Or if you work out at all? Yes it does, in a colossal way. When it comes to fitness and exercise, women have the tendency to overlook the importance and health benefits of keeping fit. Contrary to belief, only household chores (for housewives) or the trip to office and back isn't enough to keep you in shape.

Everyone knows about the 30 minutes five days in a week standard recommendation. Dedicating as few as 30-45 minutes a day helps protect women against obesity, osteoporosis, depression, and cancer and make for a stronger stamina and toned body. If not a rigorous work out regime, aim for moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis.

Although studies have shown that drinking alcohol in considerable amounts can lead to potential health benefits but beyond any of this alcohol has serious negative impact. Alcohol creates specific risks to us all and predominantly more to women. They are inclined to develop alcohol induced diseases sooner than men even if women consume alcohol in smaller amounts.

 Women who consume alcohol on a regular basis or drink heavily are at an increased risk of several diseases because it tends to induce permanent hormonal changes in their body. It also increases the risk of breast cancer. Between men and women who drink the same amounts, women are more prone to develop heart, brain and liver diseases. In addition to this, alcohol has been known to cause harmful complications during pregnancy harming the fetus. Drinking also elevates the chances of a possible abuse or dependency on alcohol.

Women are likely to self medicate if need be. Self medication does not only pose health risks but is it also dangerous to consume non prescribed medicines. It could lead to severe side effects in case a doctor is not consulted. Self medication is correlated with a number of adverse consequences, drug allergies, headaches, kidney disorders and an augmented stroke risk.

A whole lot of women live in this misconception that they can treat themselves without visiting a doctor. Self medication can go on to become a habit. Consuming any medicines/drugs without prescription can severely affect pregnant women during and after the process. It can also cause birth defects.

Female smokers don't realize this, but each time they smoke, they not only destroy their own health but also the health of their future generations. It is a scientific truth that women who are smokers pose an extremely high risk of giving birth to children with deformities.

They also have a greater chance of being prone to various respiratory diseases and cancers (kidney, mouth, lung, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, pancreas and bladder). Women who smoke and delay childbirth put themselves of a significantly bigger risk of future infertility in comparison to non smokers. Also, starting smoking at an early age also increases the risk of early menopause by up to three times.