A skydiver lands with his tricolour parachute, depicting the Paraguayan flag, during a gathering of hundreds of students to celebrate the upcoming 200th anniversary of the country's independence, in Asuncion, 2011.                                                                                                                                                                                Reuters

Skydiving or parachuting has become a popular action sport among adventure enthusiasts in the recent past. Here are few places where one can skydive and live their dream. 

Victoria Falls over Zambezi River in Southern Africa, situated at the natural borderline between Zambia and Zimbabwe, offers a spectacular drop zone for skydiving. It offers a lifetime experience and memories to cherish for any skydiver. 

Parachuting at Hawaii in USA would be another amazing and thrilling experience for anyone who would love to do it. Hawaii is popular for its natural beauty and can be called a paradise for nature lovers. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of the whole island through skydiving. 

Want to fly over the snow-capped Swiss Alps? You can pack your bags and head to Interlaken in Switzerland, which is one of the most fascinating adventure cities. The spectacular panoramic view of snowy mountains; huge glacier formed deep valleys as well as blue lakes will leave you speechless. 

Parachuting in Everest will not only take you to dizzying heights of the mountain, but to the top of the world. It is a dream destination for many adventure seekers where they can live their dream with an extraordinary thrill. 

Experience the thrill of freefall with Sydney's beach skydives. There will be hardly any better city in the world to fly over than Sydney. One can dive above Sydney and Wollongong to experience the sensational Australian coastline and get a beautiful view of Sydney.

Though freefall skydiving is preferred by many, tandem jump is advised to beginners where they will be attached to an instructor in same parachute.

Florida is one of the best places for beginners as the place has lot of spots to try skydiving. Florida can provide you with an incredible view of the coastline and Atlantic Ocean. One will also be able to view the shuttle launch pads of the Kennedy Space Centre.

Skydiving is not a dream only for young adventure enthusiasts. A 90-year-old woman from Festus, has fulfilled her wish to skydive She is said to have nurtured the dream of becoming a parachute rigger since the Second World War but she couldn't as her weight didn't meet the requirements, according to a report by FOX2now.