Noah Ritter
Noah Ritter                                                                                                                                                 YouTube/Screenshot

"What do you think about the ride?" asked news reporter to five-year-old Noah and his reply was really amazing. The child stole the show Newswatch 16's Sofia Odeja within no time during his interview in Pennsylvania.

The adorable little boy was offered a microphone from the show to describe his experience at Wayne County Fair. His reply was like a broadcast reporter, which shocked the reporter as well as the viewers of the live show.

When asked about the ride, he said "That was amazing." He continued, "I've never been on live television before. Apparently, sometimes I don't watch the news because I'm a kid."

It was interesting to hear the little reporter using the word "apparently" often, while he described the ride. "The ride was great because apparently you are spinning around and apparently you get dizzy," said the five-year-old.

The one-minute-32-second clip was posted on YouTube on 4 August and has been received more than six million views till the time of reporting. Watch the video of "apparently" the future broadcast reporter.

Noah, from Wilkes-Barre, was attending the fair with his grandfather. When he was asked whether he was excited by the amused reporter, he said, "Yeah, and apparently I only went down the super slide; I was scared half to death. I just freak out."

The video goes viral in social media websites. While some of the viewers find the word "apparently" interesting and have used the very word in their comments, some finds Noah as a future journalist. Here are a few comments from viewers.

Christine Degraff: "This kid is "apparently" quite awesome! Great share!"

Eric Powell; "Apparently, Noah is very funny."

Wrenn Green: "Apparently, that little has the makings!"

Carrie-Anne Foster: Hahaha! A news reporter in the making!

Quantum­­_tunneling: "A future journalist in the making. This kid is awesome."